Art And Significant Objects

long walk in the cold wind.
the old look of addresses and time.
unmarked roads and the scenes of the crimes.
dumpster worthy.
gleaming rows of  construction success.
from the idea to the bank to the architect to the builders to the ribbon cutters.
the rest just wander around in admiration or oblivion.
occupied by other worries and schedules.
sniff of the corporate air.
switch out the walking shoes.
professional dress required.
seats and couches crammed.
most waiting for a class.
devices and headphones and wires all around.
the learning taking place.
windowed rooms.
one with a ticker tape.
helpful and friendly.
tables set and waiting.
advice and questions.
small worlds.
nervous nerves and stuffed backpacks.
inquiring into the afternoon.
the facility tour and noticing.
halls everywhere.
time wasters and the secluded.
jamming the Steinway grand in the wide open atrium.
historical perspectives and renewed newness.
lounges and corners and rooms.
art and significant objects.
downtown driving and a yellow house trimmed in green.
parking police with a polite warning.
got to back into these spaces.
checked the leaf.
went to hoochies looking for mammas.
blackened catfish and slaw.
the special.
willie's spirit caught my eyes.
baby's first songs.
wife's calm.
boondock saints and glowface gospel.
expansion plans and concepts.
waited at the trick door.
dollar lone stars always and all day and night.
ASCAP is a drag.
the jazz players play late.
technical meetings and quick visits.
shiney shoes on the ground.
the mean green army.
the place to be.