The Inertia Switch

Watch out for the inertia switch.
Kick it loose and we are going nowhere.
The guns just kept coming.
The Russian rifles and the 9 mm pistols.
Handmade Danish shotgun, a 45, and the Smith & Wesson.
Bullets were abundant.
Cans were being destroyed.
The shooter's pose.
Hogs heard us coming and ran.
The sun goes down slow.
Every moment of light used.
Imaginary peyote juice.
When virtual is not good enough.
Vaper clouds of pancake smells.
Richard Pryor is live on the sunset strip.
Accusations of midnight nasal noises.
Don't believe it.
Hit the board or lose a point.
Got to be right on it.
No radio DJ to change the tunes.
Headbanging afternoon.
Beer marinades with salt and pepper.
The first third war.
And the cup was lost to an Italian.
Signed with permanent ink.
No erruptions of shouting and blame.
Raccoons breaking through the screens.
Removing lids.
Determined little buggers.
Crooked sleeping and tight back.
The road hours.
Radar signals and automatic roaming.
Sunflower seeds and a free soda.
Register jammed up.
Escorted out of Guthrie again.
The SUV patrol.
Crow Springs still drips.
Showed the locals the way to the teepee.
Pointed from the cliff.
Killing time before the steak place opened.
Over on the other side of town.
Relativity applies to reality too.
Contentment relies on expectations.
Of this time at this place.


Even The Awkwards Got Loose

     A thin spreading of responsibilities and thoughts.  Plans made long ago and expectations.  Too much tasking and prioritizing.  Art must be seen and heard.  A painting in a muesem, hearing the air.  Listening to music with eyes closed, seeing visions in the dark.  Absorbed with one thing or another, falling behind without hope of catching up.  The oh wells, whatevers, and towel throwers.  All the serious people are frowning.  Light this world!  Levitate.  It is essential for peace.  Give compliments and smile.  Flatter.  The corners are dim.  Backstage, the gathering is breaking down, looking to each other to understand.  But they don't know.  Their love is for themselves, unshared, ungiven, and unreal.  Moods are floating lightly here.  Laughs and giggles, innocent sarcasm.  Even the awkwards got loose.  Slept blankly, dreams were undreamed.  Saved the purge for the page, nothing to forget.  Early, before the noise pollution, before discussions of fairness, before illusions and delusions.  This is my dream.



     And life goes on like this everywhere.  The countless centers of the world.  Each positioning and avoiding.  All taking something for granted.  Or everything.  Appreciating nothing.  But absolutes are almost always ridiculous.  Except for true science and math and salvation, always doesn't exist.  It is a fool's word.  As is never and completely.  Purified ease.  Justified and condoned.  Accepted as real.  The hollow truths of here.


Glare's Getting To Me


beauty queen with those smiling lips.
been hoping for her call.
diamond bracelets and Picasso prints.
makeup covers her flaws.
bills paid and cash in her Gucci.
on a spending spree.
high heels to an Indie movie.
where we decided to meet.


shades hid my wondering eyes.
passing notes about fireflys.
kept em on while she went inside.
glare's getting to me.

perfume smells and painted toes.
brings back memories.
new shoes and the latest clothes.
has everything she needs.
smooth skin shines and radiates.
wish I could see her eyes.
tonight I'll just appreciate.
kept those shades on tight.


JingleHut: Cataract Girls

The cataract girls were up all night.
Worried about their future sight.

From yellow haze and darkened rooms.
To nice and bright and and flower blooms.

Saw alot with those eyes over the years.
The good and the bad both brought tears.

Greens and blues and whites like pearls.
The beautiful eyes of the cataract girls.



Melody Confusion

Musical seclusion and new pickups.
Floated for years, got my mind made up.

Skin coat nanny with stars in her eyes.
Never heard a jam that could make her fly.

Melody confusion for a space in time.
Back to the rhythm, back to the rhyme.

Place seems hazy, got a leak in the roof.
Keep the water away from the electric juice.

Obvious intrusion of your mind and ears.
Sounds all mixed so you can hear it clear.

Acoustical theories and gravity waves.
Brain transmitters and gamma rays.



At Peace And At Calm

Those eyes can't be explained.
Just when everything was figured out.
No contact at all.

They scurry and scatter.
Overly concerned and manipulative.
As is everyone.

Trash trucks come early.
A leisurely lifestyle of laze.
While the earth is plowed under.

Lets take a step back.
Enclose the issue in a frame.
Make it so.

Heard the words long ago.
Consider the daily bread.
At peace and at calm.

The dogs in the junkyard.
Sniffing and slobbering.
Jumping up maniacally.

Perceptions are imaginary.
This is only for ourselves.
And for ourselves only.


New Tunes

The sleeping crew.
In for the night and day.
Rather wander around the supermarket.
Rather defy gravity.
All the mopers gather round.
Tell of your troubles.
We will nod and nod.
Affirming our understanding of your woes.
Lifting up our prayers for you.
Taking your side.
Offering only the Word.

Journey to the cliff.
Where the fault lines are squirming.
Where all eyes are squinting.
The tension is real.
The rocks are melting and filling volcanos.
Steam is rising through the earth.
Water, always the decider.
From down below.
Awake to see it all.
True dreams are actually the past.
Hypnotic and safe.
More regret than anything.
No playin' it again sam.
This band only knows new tunes.


Art And Significant Objects

long walk in the cold wind.
the old look of addresses and time.
unmarked roads and the scenes of the crimes.
dumpster worthy.
gleaming rows of  construction success.
from the idea to the bank to the architect to the builders to the ribbon cutters.
the rest just wander around in admiration or oblivion.
occupied by other worries and schedules.
sniff of the corporate air.
switch out the walking shoes.
professional dress required.
seats and couches crammed.
most waiting for a class.
devices and headphones and wires all around.
the learning taking place.
windowed rooms.
one with a ticker tape.
helpful and friendly.
tables set and waiting.
advice and questions.
small worlds.
nervous nerves and stuffed backpacks.
inquiring into the afternoon.
the facility tour and noticing.
halls everywhere.
time wasters and the secluded.
jamming the Steinway grand in the wide open atrium.
historical perspectives and renewed newness.
lounges and corners and rooms.
art and significant objects.
downtown driving and a yellow house trimmed in green.
parking police with a polite warning.
got to back into these spaces.
checked the leaf.
went to hoochies looking for mammas.
blackened catfish and slaw.
the special.
willie's spirit caught my eyes.
baby's first songs.
wife's calm.
boondock saints and glowface gospel.
expansion plans and concepts.
waited at the trick door.
dollar lone stars always and all day and night.
ASCAP is a drag.
the jazz players play late.
technical meetings and quick visits.
shiney shoes on the ground.
the mean green army.
the place to be.