Off To Laramie

I'm off to Laramie.
Heading out with my babies and me.
Packing up our suitcase.
Giving up this rat race.
Drive across the western states.
It's the cowboy way.

Named for Jacques LaRamie.
Walked off and got lost in the trees.
Went trapping and never came back.
Took a turn and got off track.
Laid down now he's taking a nap.
It's the cowboy way.

We're off to Laramie.
Where outlaws met vigilantes.
Ace and Con at the bucket of blood.
Took em down and hung em up.
Old west was hard and rough.
It's the cowboy way.

When we get to Laramie.
Spend our days at the Jubilee.
Read our news in the boomerang.
Only a few even know our names.
Everything always seems the same.
It's the cowboy way.


Nantucket Or Otherwise

Remember my belief.
All mankind is an island.
Nantucket or otherwise.
And on that island there is no solitude.
Only thoughts and considerations and peace.
Animals oblivious to our troubles.
Interaction and joy.
Then instincts kick in.
Selfishness and envy motivated by fear.
Irrational delusional peacocks.
Showing it off.

And the disruption begins.
Just stare into each other's eyes.
The islands can be seen.
They are beautiful from the water.
The beaches are soft and untouched.
The jungles are wild.
She thinks the same as you.
All mankind is an island.


JingleHut: Hot Cheetos

some like it spicy.
some like it cheesy.
some like hot cheetos.
some like hot cheetos.
some like it crunchy.
some like it puffy.
some like hot cheetos.
some like hot cheetos.



Telling Of The Peace

Almost nothing is always the case.  The absolute declarations of idiots and fools.  Seriousness has its place.  To be sure.  Motivations that inspire something.  Accusations without defense.  No day in court or telling of peace.  This is a travesty.  Stirring the pot behind the scenes.  Sabotage and reputational ramifications.  A bonafide and certified snake in the grass.  A thoughtful approach.  The high road always, even if it gets personal.  Vindication is sweet and confusion is broad.  The know it all knows all.  Absolutely and without question.  Inquiries are merely a nuisance and curiosity, a sign of weakness.  Beyond frustrated.  Living in the gray.


Anything Understood

These are not human traditions.
No self glory and war.
No searching for truth.
It's already known.
Logicality and brilliance.
From the finest schools and brains.
Theoretically speaking, of course.
Their wisdom empty of truth.

Some mapping of the brain.
Tendencies and rationalities.
Thoughts of infants and babes.
Written, published, interviewed.
The scholars know scholars.
Geniuses know geniuses.
Provoking and determining.
False humility all the way.

Like the Laodicians.
Consumed with thankfulness.
Deaf to hollow arguments.
Not subject to requirements.
The ghost did this.
Any faith possessed.
Anything overcome.
Anything understood.


Spiders From Mars

those expectations of adoration.
these days of disappointment.
the measuring up of nothing.
collapsing in inglorious reality.

it is earned, not given.
the material.

the hard way no longer.
get out what you put in.
our time to live our life.
for others, start for free.

control the winds.
brotherhood and sisterhood.

for now, own the cars.
drive through the mountains.
coast downhill.
ambiguous and rocking.

ziggy stardust and heroes.
the china girl's modern love.
spiders from mars.
taking up for the long hairs.

what's all the hype.
the notifications and proclamations.
shot in the darkness.
peace in the lightness.

visions of a delighted mind.


The Sane

All along the wailing wall, people wailed and wailed.  The crime of all crimes.  False hope.  And it will continue and continue til we know.  Til all is understood by all.  Til then, though, overcome the irrational.  The desperate.  The sane.  Really, really, really, there ain't nothing to fear.  Nothing's gonna getcha.  Eternity's already been got.


The Three String

the leaf was lit up in the distance.
our parking missed the mark.
a clear room to start.
stood in the line of waves.
anchors everywhere.
the oomph girl, clara lou sheridan.
born in denton, tx in 1915.
hundred years ago.
developed in California.
pinned up globally.
the lonely g.i. daydreamers.
art covered ceilings.
memorable snapshots of musical moments.
the six string, the three string, and the one string.
Lincoln went off on his own.
the slide noise and booms.
growling into the hollow, copper cylinder.
stomping on the floor.
polishing the chops for reverend horton heat.
photographer malfunctions.
the blurry hand masterpiece.
apologies after the show.
the humbleness was almost shocking.
and a line formed to the left.



     Listen to the streets.  The moaning tires.  The drains and gutters.  The footsteps of nervous runners.  The clanks of gears.  Honks.  Movement and liberation.  And potholes.  Sirens on the sides.  The roadkill crew.  Bumping bass.  Heavy metal, psychedelic, spacefolk, and funk.  Jazz horns and the Bakersfield sound.  Sun roofs, moon roofs, soft roofs, and no roofs.  The dumb angry drivers.  Yellers and hollarers.  The preoccupied, driving only for themselves.  Those tailgating jacks, with the blinks and winks.  Crosses with ribbons, the tears still wet.  Listen to the streets.


Exponential Crowd

All the world knows.
The fake one too.
Constantly moving.
Always blue.

Crop your photos.
Wanna see your smile.
Show me your travels.
The mountain you climbed.

Digital connections.
Exponential crowd.
Maximum security.
Save it all to the cloud.

Tell me the weather.
Won't go outside.
Lemme know who calls me.
Before I pick up the line.

Make the words bigger.
Don't see that good.
My eyes are fried. you see.
It's understood.


Listen To Blondie


in with the new.
out with the charm.
some like the city.
some like the farm.

give you roses.
give you kisses too.
buy you some dresses.
and matching shoes.

who woulda thought it.
look at us now.
still got some future.
til we're laid in the ground.

Christmas colors.
and a dried up tree.
the gifts all opened.
all the food's been eat.

birth of our savior.
on that night so clear.
buries our dirt.
every single year.

gonna change my tune.
gonna turn a new leaf.
gonna clean my rooms.

listen to blondie.
the rapture blues.
watch her shake it, shake it, shake it.
in her high heel boots.