Noisy Birds (Eldorado Hills)


alone again on manhattan island, all the street walkers left town.
walked over the brooklyn bridge and disappeared into the night.

hot again as the noisy birds wake early to sing, completing song after song.
they know when to alter the melody, they get it just right.

tired again of the routines of life, used up body and lit up mind.
the horse, the cart, and the buggy too, take the buggy too.

day again in the eldorado hills, the envious scatter to make their lives.
another rotation as we travel in a circle around the sun, we just traveling around the sun.


The Southern Way The Northern Lights

arguing bout some dumb flag.
there is no truth in a flag.
designers of yesterday.

respect the land by tending it.
salutes are irrelevant.
and a waste of time.

the ignert will squeal.
ladies will wail about bravery.
the greys led astray.

jefferson davis was a mean mother.
talking bout way of life.
nobody told the master what to do.

meetings and assemblies and town halls.
what the world must have been like then.
the southern way the northern lights.

tolerance and live and let live.
you aren't protecting your children.
you aren't preserving anything worth preserving.

relics are remembered.
for the things that made them relics.
all these human races are humans.

so, good for the dukes of hazzard.
vintage paint job and busty women.
the general lee flying over a railroad car.

offensive is defined by the offended.
the offender should seek to not offend.
unless the offended is offended by the word.


Then The Calm

always it returns.
gravity is the heaviest of all.
raindrop bombs crashing to the earth.
skies twisting and collapsing and twisting.
moving as a mass.
unconcerned and indiscriminate.

we are observers.
no intervention would matter now.
get to muddy land.
tie the boats to the dock.
leave some slack in the ropes.
or we could all go under.

tremble and shake.
waves crash the boulders and rocky cliffs.
water sprays the beaches.
the bothered sea.
irritated and rough.
as the souls are awakened and prayers are lifted.

then the calm.
as the oceans settle into a rhythm.
locked in deliberate repetition.
every noise isolated and heard.
nothing blends in.
the currents keep us moving.


Near Mount Rainier

...the lonely tree.
...the gravel pit.
...local and dedicated leaders.

...make something happen man.

...from 1945.
...we built this city.
...near Mount Rainier.

>>>doubters and scoffers.

...Jones Junior.
...the entire surface is like a green.
...21 million tax bucks.

...the walker golfers.

...no tires allowed.
...tailor made for the open.
...seaside train tracks.

>>>doubters and scoffers.

...Tacoma nights.
...an albatross is better than an eagle.
...arbor surgeons.

...the belly of the old mine.

...grease the wheels again.
...grilled crow on the plate.
...brown is beautiful.


Tin Roofs Aren't Perfect

tin roofs aren't perfect...
flooded out the beer garden good...

art week at the place over by the cotton mill...
creations everywhere...

collecting bikes for the big structure...
everything must be welded together...

a single piece...
the ring hook is almost impossible...

counting the bottle tree...
bull riding stories...

blowing up washing machines...
acting a'fools...

go with the flow a little bit...
swing your tie around your head and doe see doe...

open the good bottle...
just a shot of medicine...

el Juarez night...
singing along and howling...

mexican soccer on tubes in the corners...
clearwater revival wants to know...

called up for jailer jim...
smooth playing taylor classical...

gilberto hernandez found the groove quickly...
processing error caused this terror...

wait til morning ain't gonna work...
time has been suspended momentarily...

video evidence...
tin roofs aren't perfect...


There Is Peace There

supposed to be some running trails up through there.
connecting the whole place.
all the way to Erwin Park.
north end.
plenty of room.
camp for days.
love does actually win in the end.
and we know what love is.
the light!  the light!
it was given to the city in the 50's.
by the Erwin's.
as long as it remained a park.
the off road bike track added later.
80's maybe.
when they started making those big dirt bikes.
always a place for peace.
arranged in a circle of sorts.
pavilions and playgrounds.
fire pits and facilities.
take a night walk with some glowsticks.
skies are huge and you can see the Anna trucks top on 75 central.
hills and valleys and ridges.
a massive wooden cliff.
an old graveyard sits on one side.
the 1800's.
think of the stories they could tell.
but the boredom.
we were born in our own age.
color fades over time.
and over time it has.
diversity and tolerance roam these streets.
all lives matter.
the west west the west the east and the east east.
all get along.
bulldogs and broncos have come along.
but the lions are the original kings and queens.
let's be clear.
peace must be protected.
and strived for.
peace on earth is no accident.
and is somewhat rare.
thank the word.
permanent and eternal peace.
hotheads losing their cool.
the heat irritates.
pride gets involved.
tape is rolling as he rolls by.
talking back talking back.
not minding not minding.
shouting orders shouting cuss words.
the bad one.
and damning God!
get ahold of yourself chief.
the process will continue.
deliberations and protestations.
intentions will seem noble.
prayers will be lifted and lifted.
and should.
ain't no better place than Erwin.
north end.
there is peace there.


Long Road To Better

.and they say it will get better.
.not so sure.
.the long road to better is about expectations.
.knowledge and awakenings.
.validations and theories.
.it all means nothing in the end.
.we will serve ourselves.
.we will seek happiness.
.we want to be loved.
.we need to be loved.
.alone, we are incapable of love.