Nantucket Time

...all along these Nantucket songs have gone together as one.  the spacefolk sounds are characterized by structured and repetitive progressions, framing the space for lyrical and instrumental liberty.  this is not chaos and confusion music, but chaotic and confusing words and noise are captured and celebrated.  eternal realities, eroding privacy, the ever fading past, pretty eyes, success culture, travels, truths, half-truths, untruths, and being stranded alive.  Noises are effected and affected, unexpected and detected.  Nantucket is isolated.  Nantucket time is constant, repetitive, and clocks are rare.  Nantucket men see clear.  The end is known, the rest is trusted.

...a collection of 20 songs, recorded in 2 stages.  first, to get an acceptable recording of each song with the main duo.  then, post production sessions to enhance and diversify sounds further, primarily focused on additional guitar tracks, percussions, keys, limited base, electronic magic, and additional vocals...

Men From Nantucket Greatest Hits


Men From Nantucket Greatest Hits: Project Notes

.at the rio blanco
.chosen by the voters
.drones and clones
.okie 69
.light the dark

.hog killing weather
.blue as the sea of Cortez
.white smoke
.break your heart
.two toned ride

.hounds and babes
.seeing eye dogs
.jailer Jim.
.quakes like that

.in this jar
.hooke street blues
.together to forever
.sink the boats

At the rio blanco

Long bow, too slow, at the Rio Blanco.
Like I said, lead head, got fed, instead.

Greens upon greens, upon greens.
Loaded plants and vines.
My mind, oh my mind, oh my mind.

What's real, how I feel, how I steal, it's my deal.
What's a clock, why not, match the pot, take a shot.

Watch it rain, came up lame, took the pain, insane.
Up a creek, keep the beat, soak your feet, take the streets.

Get loud, lose the crowd, do it now, do it now.
Long bow, too slow, at the Rio Blanco.


chosen by the voters.

.you're the sweetest queen that I ever seen, make the world seem nice and clean, make people everywhere dance and sing, I know who you are.

.all afternoon you powder and puff, making millions of bucks but it ain't enough, make a video so they think you're a slut, I know who you are.

.the dice are loaded the decks are stacked, news always talking bout whites and blacks, fools always lying to distort the facts, I know who you are.

.gonna suffer the toll if you drive this way, discover something new every day, all you are now is a clump of clay, I know who you are.

.chosen by the voters to be frozen in time, with your outlaw boots and your country jive, acting like the suits kept spitting in your eye, I know who you are.

.in the evening I hear you breathing, when dreams light up and you're really sleeping, when the room is quiet and your heart's beating, I know who you are.

Drones and clones



.look up look up
.there's a drone flying by
.flown by a clone
.we don't even have to die

.kamikazee man
.working the remote control
.no expressions on the clones.
.they don't even really know

.salute the hackers I guess
.ours are better than theirs
.best viruses around
.go straight to your head

.the public is a mess
.hypnotized and tranced
.don't want to know the truth
.don't want to take a stance

.its just drones and clones.yea yea yea
.drones and clones.the brave are dead

.over there over there
.its the man driving by
.everybody knows
.he's got tears in his eyes

.likes the lofty titles
.likes the free jet air
.loves hanging with his daughters
.likes not giving a care

.peaceful men they know
.women and the like
.we're all left to wonder
.while the drones rule the night

.its just drones and clones.yea yea yea
.drones and clones.the brave are dead

Okie 69
the water tower's falling down there's a castle over there.
in muskogee all the women color their hair.
go up miami way and you get lost in the trees.
got to pay two bucks for tore up bumpy street.

on the okie 69.
doing 85.
heading south from Big Cabin.
we're gonna cross the Red River tonight

every town you pass has tomotoes from the vine.
for sale in covered shacks adorned with a sign.
saw some corn 10 ears for 5 bucks.
someone wrote on a 18 wheeler, "God bless this truck."

plenty of Choctaw natives and a tribe of Cherokee.
still stand on the cliffs of rock and watch the enemy.
car lots, casinos, and business parks collide.
where speed zones and the trooper man reside.



Light the Dark

.we wait, we wait, for the King to return.
.and we smash the dark, and we smash the dark.

.too many have been lost.

.and we kick the dark, and we kick the dark.

.not in the name of my God.

.and we slice the dark, and we slice the dark.

.rise up, rise up, with the sword of truth.

.and we light the dark, and we light the dark.


.we know, we know, the music will flow.

.and we feel the dark, and we feel the dark.

.had more good times than I probably should.

.and we love the dark, and we love the dark.

.wouldn't want be nowhere but right here.

.and we face the dark, and we face the dark.

.wanna make sure I make my point clear.

.we gonna light the dark, we gonna light the dark.


Hog killing weather


Pick out about five fat ones.
The air is getting cold.
Hog killing weather.
Offer them a handful of corn.
22 between the eyes.
Slice the throat, bleed em out.
Shave the hairs, down to the tail.
Toss the guts aside.
Skin the skin, leak the lard.
Hanging in the trees.
Get some hams, keep the ribs.
The rest is sausage.
If you got the right recipe.
Red pepper, sage, and garlic.
Give the head to the help.
Keep the toungue and some brains for mawmaw.
She went through the Great Depression, ya know.
Bacon is just too much trouble.
Cracklings are a real treat.
Cover up that meat in salt, cure it up.
Rent some freezer space in town.
It's cold out today.
Getting to be hog killing weather.

Blue As The Sea Of Cortez

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes it worth my while.

We fill our lives with gods.
Goddess lovers too.
Taste all the earthy joys.
Wanna do it with you.

The ships they disappeared, on the horizon line.
Her lips they had no fear, as I looked into her eyes, they were...

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes it worth my while.

Through the gates we're led.
Been walking desert miles.
Suffered and hurt and bled.
Once cried all through the night.

Blue as the Sea of Cortez.
Her eyes melt in the light.
Do everything she says.
She makes it worth my while.

 White Smoke

all the cardinals are in town, the flashbulbs do confirm.
gonna pick pick a pope today, til Jesus Christ returns.

angel armies rise to meet this holy man.
gotta dress just right, to lead this wayward clan.

white smoke gets hazy,
church folks go crazy,
stole all the daisys,
you know the fix is in.

God already decided the way it all would go.
long time before, the white robes picked the pope.

hope the Spirit loves him and listens to his prayers.
hope he leads his church to the God that we all share.        

white smoke gets hazy,
church folks go crazy,
stole all the daisys,
you know the fix is in.

Break Your Heart

.refinement.and the other side of hate....reliant.trying to catch a break...dynamo.break your heart break your heart...psyco.trying to get a start...judgement.and the finger pointing man...love me.and i'll sing throughout this land...laugher.its all so trivial...trapper.understand the way I feel...galaxies.they all about the same...love is free.in his name in his name...
I'll see the Milky Way tonight.
Look up with bewildered mind.
See the shadows in your eyes.
And wonder.

Two toned ride


Need a pair of contact lenses.
Need a robot to bring me soup.
Need a computer without a virus.
Want to find some new recruits.

It's always money, money, money but look around
What we really need ain't from this town.

Need a two toned ride to ride.
Need a business calculator.
Need an automatic coffee grinder.
Want a brand new trailer.

Need a buck for the DVD.
Need an automatic teller.
Need a system to track my miles.
Want to try and make it better.

Need a window with a sleepy view.
Need a photograph maker.
Need another honey to call.
Want to arrive a bit later.

Need a complex password.
Need an all systems clear.
Need a map to the late show.
Want to make my own beer.

Hounds and babes


We could think and think for days and days.
Count the stars and whistle a fine melody.
Brave the winds and bring nature down.
Slander the ones that preach love in vain.

We could whine with the hounds and babes.
Jump to a jazz jam and sway left to right.
Learn a new step with a twist in the middle.
Plan a car trip on the west coast highway.e

We could scatter all the cards and pull an ace.
Rub the belly of a genie til the smoke rises.
Find a nickel tails up and put it in your pocket.
Eat meat every 7th day and call out for blood.

.seeing eye dogs.

(Chorus,..no vocal)

.we are willing participants and infractors.
.to the smashing of what has gotten old.

.we take stock every day and see the miracles.
.what is known will be revealed to all.

.with bugs and seeing eye dogs keeping track.
.undisclosed determinations and conclusions.

.drawn from electro shocks and transmitters.
.revolutionaries are quarantined and hidden.

.the citizens are pacified and distracted.
.among them are the young and deceived.

.conformity made easy and respectable.
.capitalism responsibilities and national days.

.with repetitive ease we continue the cycle.
.like soldiers of fortune in a routine war.

.the latest is waiting and already in production.
.remembered having nice things and on the go.

.orderly traditions and traveling memories.
.we'll see what we see at the station house.

.a soaked mess coming in from the rain.
.in love with the hard to love.



The moon gonna be there when the time is right.
The moon gonna be there when the time is right.
The earth starts shaking, body's start aching, everybody wants what's already taken.
The moon gonna be there when the time is right.
The moon gonna be there when the time is right.

Turbulence when you about to land.
Turbulence when you about to land.
Cold cold sweats, not enough rest, don't think I'll ever get out of this mess.
Turbulence when you about to land.
Turbulence when you about to land.

Already made it to the western shore.
Already made it to the western shore.
Up on the beach, out of reach, drinking margaritas with nothing on my feet.
Already made it to the western shore.
Already made it to the western shore.

Here we will live in love and peace.
Here we will live in love and peace.
No more time, color blind, where every body gets along just fine.
Here we will live in love and peace.
Here we will live in love and peace.

Jailer Jim

cuffed and patted, my world in tatters
just tried to keep my peace
bridgeport cop said the reason for the stop
was i was going over the posted speed

some jospeh paul got cross with the law
when he was stealing cars for cash
"that's another guy" i stared in his eyes
but he said "put your hands on the dash"

took me in to a jail made of tin
made me change into stripes
jailer jim with the tattoo tan
said i was staying for the night

figured morning would come and we'd get this done
might as well get some sleep
gave me a blanket and pad, i was kinda mad
cause i had wet socks on my feet

found a spot on the wooden cot
laid flat, closed my eyes, and breathed
started to doze when the jailer rose
he had my clothes and the key

got busted out by my long-loved spouse
when she woke the county clerk
processing error caused this terror
"wait 'til morning" ain't gonna work

driving west again to see my friends
to fish, to sing, to rest
i'll get there by six cause all this got fixed
God's Will put to the test


Quakes Like That


wish of dreams like that
the kind that make you write
the kind that make you sweat
the kind that make you hurt

wish of quakes like that
the kind that rumble
the kind that shake
the kind that lasts for seven full minutes

wish of sounds like that
the kind that breath with you
the kind that live in you
the kind that comes from you

wish of skin like that
the kind that is smooth
the kind that is wet
the kind with nerves

wish of love like that
the kind that gives
the kind that saves
the kind that last for seven full minutes


.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.

.soldier went down in Gettysburg.
.leg was lost and prayers were heard.
.a shot of whiskey dulled the pain.
.conditions that day were inhumane.

.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.

.some days I know I'm dying slow.
.some days I swear I just don't know.
.faith and love is all that remains.
.passed out before going down in flames.

.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.


In this jar

.in this jar.
.i'm in this jar.
.come take me home lord.
.come take my heart.

.had my one love.
.my one true love.
.completely happy.
.we were in love.

.but I'm in this jar.
.in this dang jar.
.no way outta here.
.come take my heart.

.my light is dimming.
.but it's glowing still.
.see them coming.
.my lifelong friends.

.they worked all day.
.they gave me air.
.now I'm with my true love.
.once again.

.i was in a jar.
.dying in a jar.
.now I'm still living.
.thanks to my friends.


Hooke street blues

.kings highway up in st Lou.
.cat told stories bout everyone he knew.
.did her wrong and then she flew.
.left him in the city with the Hooke Street Blues.

.did everything he could to make a buck.
.never had much but always had enough.
.tried for years to regain their trust.
.passed the bottle then passed the cup.

.heard on the radio read it in the news.
.brothers are back and they shined their shoes.
.they seen the days they paid the dues.
.left in the city with the Hooke Street Blues.

.smoking allowed in the basement room.
.funkadelic sounds gonna cure the gloom.
.bark at the dogs and howl to the moon.
.ladies start dancing at half past noon.



Together To Forever

she walks the fine line, she still my sweetie pie.
days go, they're left by the road.
she needs some tissues for her issues.
dry the tears, nobody needs to know.

ain't it hard to hear, truth hurts my dear.
some different love we knew long ago.
meant what i said to you, not looking for something new.
this life we made, this life we know.

and we made it right, together we took flight, we made to this very night.
when i look at you, my dreams have all come true, your green eyes are full of light.
we'll make it together to forever, we'll make it alright.

every night i sleep with you, never failed to keep me true.
a woman in the way that you move.
your glowing skin, keeps pulling me in.
woman you finding your groove.

wanna yell wanna shout, honey i got no doubt.
you're the one i'll never lose.
don't ever think we're on the brink.
sometimes i just get the blues.

Sink the boats.

Can't help but think about, can't help but think about tomorrow.
She whispered in my ear, honey let's get outta here, come follow.
Told her baby I ain't down, as good as it sounds, I'm going home.

Lord I just wanna think about, just wanna think about forever.
Live in love all day long, fill the nights with lover songs, come here come here.
Sink the boats and clip the wings, dogs don't growl birds don't sing, my dear my dear.

Take it down my love ....take it down.
Lay it down my love.....lay it down.

Take the time to talk about, talk until we talk it out, listen here, listen here.
Wanna get your side too, wanna hear what I can do, please make it clear.
Thought I was found but I was lost, made my point at any cost, for no reason at all.


Twisting Iron

.the whole room was ready for tunes.
.the smiling charity gang finally arrived.
.billy falcon was performing.
.washing the red down with Tupps black.
.a defining moment.
.exiting the hospital wondering what to say.
.the dude everyone knows.
.a builder and replicator of European towns.
.its true about the hundred dollar bill.
.magical and significant, always.
.the windows have a mucky film all over.
.one at a time.
.the words come easy and fast.
.capture the essence through mysterious means.
.stained glass room, like a sanctuary.
.shhhhh the talkers.
.hush the ruckus.
.met the humble brewmaster.
.a team effort is always the best answer.
.the day brother twisting iron and folding tin.
.really worked that world word over good.
.came out in rough pieces that fit perfectly.
.like home.


Relevant Tennis

Positives are hard to find with a tie.  A 10-10 Saturday morning mahut result against Joe Vita was no different.  Up 8-5 after 13 games, he roared back to take 5 of the final 7 games, including the final two, and we walked off 10-10.  Tied 29-29 going in, we finish the day 39-39, on our way to 70.  The Isner Scoring Method produces long term competetive tennis conditions.  There are numerous battles in the eventually war.  The next 3 or 4 mahuts with The Lion Duke will be interesting.  Our previous, and first, Isner match went to Joe, 59-70, and, of course, I've never beaten him in a match using vintage scoring either. The stakes are high.  This is relevant tennis.  Some positive developments, beyond the tied score, included the introduction of an elbow wrap.  Damn tennis elbow had afflicted me for the first time and the wrap helped tremendously.  Minimal progress on the development of a two handed backhand, but it still has never been used in official play.  Turning over the one hander is tough, I'm just slicing them back.  Still, I had Joe down.  My forehands were smooth and crisp, my serve kept him off balance.  Until game 19, when I faulted 4 straight times to begin the game finding myself at love-30.  I battled back a bit, but blew up a backhand and fell victim to a huge winner from Joe to lose that game.  From there, he served it out to earn the tie.  Damn!  Even as I write, a day later, it infuriates.  Had some really nice volleys and my back and feet seem like they are 10 years younger.  KOtC5 is only two months away and after seeing the tentative field, clearly my realistic focus has to be on the Earl.  The line up is strong.

There are current and former Kings, King The Todd and former King James, the only winners of the event, each winning the crown twice.  Other royals look to be returning as well--Frank Friday, The Lion Duke Joe Vita, current Prince Victor Coronado, and current Earl Vito Nguyen.  Current Duke and Tournament Administrator Keck, is playing despit mending torn ligaments in his left middle finger.  After some internet diagnosis and research, he purchased a splint and is taking a few weeks away from the game.  He will be ready.  Also, returning from a full year of college tennis, former Prince Dayton Hancock is back with his own royal succession plan.  Other former players include Justin Huffman, myself, and the rejuvenated Billy Vita.  Rejuvenated but still prone to suspect preparation.  He cancelled on Joe and I, which allowed our mahut, to drink with his Irish brother in laws.  Reports of an altercation at an Oklahoma border casino are still being investigated, but he should be available for KOtC.  His Kung Fu work has him looking good, but he shouldn't neglect the court time, Irish brother in laws or not.  The likely entries of newcomers Jeremy Stone, Erick Delafuente, Eli Yaremenko, the 6'8" a South African Jonathan Wraith, Nick Pena, and Chris Fess make this the finest collection of  players ever for King Of the Court.  The work of the Tournament Administrator and the support of Allen civic leader Justin Quest continues to enhance the event and propel tennis culture forward.  July 11 could be hot.  The soles of our shoes could be melting.  Jugs of water will be arranged.  New royals, or perhaps old.  After tournament activities set to go at Jorgs Cafe Vienna in downtown Plano.  Vito has what I want.  To be the common royal.  The Earl.  It can be won, but will be battled for.  There are no ties in KOtC.

After our tied mahut, when we were at our cars and about to continue our busy days, Joe presented me with a bottle of red wine.  A Texas red wine called Paul O.  2011 limited edition, only 2688 bottles produced.  A real cork and good year.  Joe, a trained and experienced wine expert who detest most texas wines, was very enthusiastic about this one.  Suggested getting a good pizza or some rich fish dish to go with it.  The thoughtfulness of a Duke.  In return, I sent Joe a tune from Men From Nantucket, my current musical collaboration, called Bull.  A modern GenX anthem.  Because tennis ain't no bullshit.  KOtC ain't no bullshit.  Isner Scoring Method ain't no bullshit.  Torn ligaments ain't no bullshit,  This Paul O wine ain't no bullshit.  The Earl ain't no bullshit.  And tennis elbow ain't no bullshit either.


Artistic Glass Mechanically Formed

the incredible stories of how it's made.
rust proof plastic chippers tested by cool girls.
spring loaded contraptions with a snug tight fit.
green lawn commercials promising 100 square feet.
tapping music and a knowing narrator.
artistic glass mechanically formed.
the only cutting material available is diamonds.
layers of sand designs ready for baking.
completely scratch resistant and heavy.
looping percussions and wiz bang noises.


Made Men And Women

..this circle of relevancy is shrinking.
..only traditions and obligations to keep it intact.
..only supernatural forces to keep it effective.
..only a few truths are even known.
..some, like ever expanding space, are largely ignored.
..the thought of the possibilities too much to take.
..others, like death, are obsessed over and fretted.
..when the minds get involved, nothing is pure.
..motivations of the selfish and greedy.
..the soul contains empathy and sympathetic instincts.
..true benevolence is never from the heart or mind.
..it comes from outside of us, taking over for a moment in time.
..directing the heart and mind against their will.
..genuine and authentic and true, we are only being used.
..there is nothing in return, nothing to gain.
..we cannot gain anything greater than what is already attained.
..we are made men and women.


Cain's Blues

..to know that billions of minds are active.
..scheming, lying, manipulating, justifying.
..not one pure thought in the bunch.
..free of satisfaction or pride.
..memories become exercises in selection.
..picking out the magnified parts.
..the theory of primacy applies.
..brilliance too, the creative instinct.
..made in the creator's image for sure.
..discovery is exponential.
..which leads us to now.
..communicating instantaneously.
..considering other minds constantly.
..what they think and what they know.
..the jealousy trait and Cain's blues.
..the heart must take over for now.
..chugaboom, chugaboom, chugaboom.


Eggs And Volkswagens

again, the prime is not fully cooked.
low and slow makes it easy.
all the verse I ever heard.
the importance of what is said.
the authenticity of what is thought.
the standards are high.
perfect and blameless only.
worthiness is relative, so to speak.
as are most things.
the poverty line is moving.
guarantees are impossible.
anything could wreck it all.
not better, but bigger.
had the reach.
like Holmes.
with his eggs and Volkswagens.
this place is filled with light.