Perfectly Cool

reactions to the irritations.

wake up and loosen up the limbs.
feed the body fruits.
feed the mind as well.
let the soul translate the word.

reading is extremely important.
certainly more important than books.
comforts and rituals are secondary.
mysterious effects of reading.

the senses now functioning.
fall winds blowing everything around.
stripping the trees clean.
less cover for the people.
perfectly cool.

consideration and defiance.
just be nice.

personalities are exhausting.
like makeup of a woman's face.
or the image of perfection and constant happiness.
away with all that for now.

look how you look.
say what you say.
rational questions and no toes to step on.
be difficult to annoy and offend.

you are here right now.
respect that.
lectures are for the ignorant.
the young need restraint.
moderation of reactions.

like everything else.