Gamma Ray Delta Graphs

through the brown trees we drive.
hills and the smell of old.
these New England country towns are established.
the airport communications worked.
a van with room.
follow the signs and trust the navigator.
have a familiar lunch.
patriots and cowboys are much the same.
clean suites and a bar tip.
new castle brown is always good.
mind lapses and returns.
the morning introductions.
pens, and go carts, and degrees, and hunting.
refugee thanksgiving, music, and Jerry Sloan.
flexible agenda.
consistency of adaptability above all else.
death avoidance and evolution.
in the weeds.
multiple courses of food.
the fishbone of a trading life.
and a visit from the brass.
technological advances and enhancements.
a wish list.
table for 8 and goodfellas vibe.
rare to get a steak cooked correctly.
the red.
Paris is on the attack.
evil is the cause of all human misery.
and evil is of the devil.
let's get this point straight.
facial observations and elevator noises.
the decaf is worthless.
the windows are completely frosted.
the citrus farmer and the ice scraper.
get your steps in.
a team of teams.
acting within a matrix.
these errors must stop.
the millennial meltdown.
and the rise of the glowfacers.
sell them out at a good price.
before it becomes risky.
case by case case studies.
and gamma ray delta graphs.
communication plans and proposals.
approvals and agreements.
get your sack and go.
front desk excellence.
shuttle puppies and terminal drop offs.
the Ivy League girls basketball team in the back.
coach watching game film from Boston to Dallas.
good luck against mcneese state.
just wear your opponent out.
move them side to side.
make them lean.
the early waiters.
the laughs of the hopeful and eager.
perfect shuttle timing.
and a silent ride north.