Doctor Superstar

isolation mechanism.
alone in art.
abstract realism.
leave a mark.

high class hedonism.
fighting in malls.
love that consumerism.
deck the halls.

he was rolling in the cash.
doctors made her beauty last.
they weren't ready for the crash.
and it all came down.

constant criticism.
not what they like.
all kinds of reasons.
we're doing it right.

tell me bout your expertise.
why you're so smart.
probably got your phd.
doctor superstar.



Sweet Truth


dust up some more rain,
make the trees shake and tilt.
knock all the sticks down,
the cycle of life complete.

oblivious and clueless,
not wanting to know.
ignorance meets apathy,
no point in making a point.

listen to the experienced,
ask for more insight.
thoughtful solutions are arrived at,
sound and lasting.

purity of the sweet truth,
the consideration of what is.
the ramifications of reality,
no advocate to blame.


Perfectly Cool

reactions to the irritations.

wake up and loosen up the limbs.
feed the body fruits.
feed the mind as well.
let the soul translate the word.

reading is extremely important.
certainly more important than books.
comforts and rituals are secondary.
mysterious effects of reading.

the senses now functioning.
fall winds blowing everything around.
stripping the trees clean.
less cover for the people.
perfectly cool.

consideration and defiance.
just be nice.

personalities are exhausting.
like makeup of a woman's face.
or the image of perfection and constant happiness.
away with all that for now.

look how you look.
say what you say.
rational questions and no toes to step on.
be difficult to annoy and offend.

you are here right now.
respect that.
lectures are for the ignorant.
the young need restraint.
moderation of reactions.

like everything else.


Gamma Ray Delta Graphs

through the brown trees we drive.
hills and the smell of old.
these New England country towns are established.
the airport communications worked.
a van with room.
follow the signs and trust the navigator.
have a familiar lunch.
patriots and cowboys are much the same.
clean suites and a bar tip.
new castle brown is always good.
mind lapses and returns.
the morning introductions.
pens, and go carts, and degrees, and hunting.
refugee thanksgiving, music, and Jerry Sloan.
flexible agenda.
consistency of adaptability above all else.
death avoidance and evolution.
in the weeds.
multiple courses of food.
the fishbone of a trading life.
and a visit from the brass.
technological advances and enhancements.
a wish list.
table for 8 and goodfellas vibe.
rare to get a steak cooked correctly.
the red.
Paris is on the attack.
evil is the cause of all human misery.
and evil is of the devil.
let's get this point straight.
facial observations and elevator noises.
the decaf is worthless.
the windows are completely frosted.
the citrus farmer and the ice scraper.
get your steps in.
a team of teams.
acting within a matrix.
these errors must stop.
the millennial meltdown.
and the rise of the glowfacers.
sell them out at a good price.
before it becomes risky.
case by case case studies.
and gamma ray delta graphs.
communication plans and proposals.
approvals and agreements.
get your sack and go.
front desk excellence.
shuttle puppies and terminal drop offs.
the Ivy League girls basketball team in the back.
coach watching game film from Boston to Dallas.
good luck against mcneese state.
just wear your opponent out.
move them side to side.
make them lean.
the early waiters.
the laughs of the hopeful and eager.
perfect shuttle timing.
and a silent ride north.


Peace Creators

evil ain't got a seat
no, evil ain't got a seat
no room at the table of the peace creators.
naw, evil ain't got a seat


For All The French

...when we yell MAHUT! to begin King of the Court 6 later this morning, we will yell it for all the French.  We will scream it with rage and fury, demanding peace.  This seemingly eternal conflict does have an end.  Peace does await.  The longest tennis match in history, between Nicolas Mahut of France and the American John Isner at Wimbledon in the summer of 2010, ended with each emerging legends.  To battle is to move.  To resist is to attack.  Peace comes only when the match is over.  Keep your feet moving forward, go for the low part of the net, let your opponent lose...prayers for Parisians today...Mahut!!!


Stevie Wonder Show


now's the time to make up your mind and go.  just go.
it's true for sure there is no cure we know.  don't we know.

keep the peace as we try to reach the end.  the bitter end.
all the tears and all the years pretend.  just pretend.

who's the guy that looked in your eyes and said.  yeah I said.
here's the deal I'll love you til I'm dead.  til I'm dead.

end of summer at a stevie wonder show.  what a show.
under the trees the nighttime breeze the glow.  oh the glow.


Gratuities Included

.word speaks louder than actions.
.aint it true brothers and sisters.
.the bitter fool isn't good company.
.visits of obligation are worthless.
.such easy prey.
.our exhausted bodies and minds.
.holy molys and exclamation points.
.like some sort of business deal.
.this for that.
.but that is already given.
.prepaid, gratuities included.


Modern Illusionists

locked in the same reality.
nothing has changed.
crats of all kinds.
even the ludicrats.

they are the most same of all.

modern illusionists.
and bleeping people.
awakened finally.
finally and forever.