This Supernatural Trait

.broken, broken people.
.we are a mighty union.
.what we have to say is truth.
.and it is most definitely not from us.

.anyone conventionally conceived and born on this earth has been, and is, mortal.  every one.  envy, pride, ego are apparent from when humans began recording the events going on around them.  you don't have to believe Cain and Abel to believe a similar story as true.  these are human themes, repeated and repeated.  look around us now.  grudges, unable to disappear.  memories, of being done wrong.  anxiety and agitation.  tapping and going.  got to live up so we can die right.  fade into our imaginary heaven.  immortal, finally.  this is pie in the sky.  this is ludicrous.  the top of the charts gets in!  only the fine survive.  but no one is fine.  completely and undoubtably without any indiscretion or fault.  impossible to believe.  of the conventionally born.  this being true, that we are mortal, why are we afraid to die. other animals are not.  there could be some terror for them, say, at hog killing time, but prolonged fear of death is absent.  discomfort. illness, and moods are involved, but fear of death is not apparent.  we are separate in that way.  we meaning the human species.  referred to as our souls by many.  this supernatural trait.  and souls want to live forever.  immortal.  and will, one way or another.  my soul brothers and my soul sisters, look up at them stars at night.  see creation all around.  look past the old and dying.  they are there.