Like Faith In The Stars

.the peace is somewhere near.
.always close at hand.
.a flash and a moment can make it go.
.but it is ours specifically.

.understanding is not possible.
.explaining is worthless.
.it will come back again.

.like faith in the stars.
.so it is with peace.


Try All The Brews


stack up the glasses to the side,
we gotta get through.

wanna try every wine they got,
then try the all the brews.


best liquid ever been made,
from the best ever grown.
ended up this close to my lips,
now drinking it all alone.

words that show the truth,
no matter what is thought.

anchor of our future hope,
no matter what is bought.

and when you take that final draw,
tasting every drop.

know that we were glory bound
since they hung him on the cross.


Ingredients Of Life

the fear of what when why how and where.
this thing at the end.
absent of time and eras and history even.
visions are known.

rational as any other story.
the particulars occupy our minds.
our little incredible minds.
made from something for a reason.

made from nothing at all.
voids aren't voids for long.
they will be filled.
the more interesting the better.

this far away place includes here.
right here.
which cannot be denied.
our common reality of now.

not the place we understand.
theories will be concocted.
and believed.
the seemingly smart are good convincers.

living in this bubble.
with the source having the ingredients of life.
as an experiment.
to see what happens.
millions upon gazillions of other bubbles exist.
forever expanding space and everlasting life is ignored.
and we are left as dust.

no mention of soul.
which is inexplicable.
what of love?
perhaps, we really are the aliens.


This Supernatural Trait

.broken, broken people.
.we are a mighty union.
.what we have to say is truth.
.and it is most definitely not from us.

.anyone conventionally conceived and born on this earth has been, and is, mortal.  every one.  envy, pride, ego are apparent from when humans began recording the events going on around them.  you don't have to believe Cain and Abel to believe a similar story as true.  these are human themes, repeated and repeated.  look around us now.  grudges, unable to disappear.  memories, of being done wrong.  anxiety and agitation.  tapping and going.  got to live up so we can die right.  fade into our imaginary heaven.  immortal, finally.  this is pie in the sky.  this is ludicrous.  the top of the charts gets in!  only the fine survive.  but no one is fine.  completely and undoubtably without any indiscretion or fault.  impossible to believe.  of the conventionally born.  this being true, that we are mortal, why are we afraid to die. other animals are not.  there could be some terror for them, say, at hog killing time, but prolonged fear of death is absent.  discomfort. illness, and moods are involved, but fear of death is not apparent.  we are separate in that way.  we meaning the human species.  referred to as our souls by many.  this supernatural trait.  and souls want to live forever.  immortal.  and will, one way or another.  my soul brothers and my soul sisters, look up at them stars at night.  see creation all around.  look past the old and dying.  they are there.


Webb Hill

from Dallas to Kansas City.
you can take any hill for yourself Mr. Webb.
be careful though.

Indians and stinging bugs that'll
make your eyelids swell up.

the highest point in a four county radius.
geography changes very, very slowly.
another world, really.


Juice For The Glow

the lights and electricity.
it's all we need.
juice for the glow.
tin pans and swillers.
steampunk is tomorrow.
this is a rio blanco crowd.

the room was full of echoes and noises.  everyone swayed and time was forgotten.  the northbound 75, the black, and the made in the texas shade.  delicious once again.  our reality, separate from other realities, was realized.  it was not easy.  the forces of our personalities and nature, as Steinbeck wrote, warps this reality.  and it is fine.

no need to apologize.
these are known things.
each note matters.
every single one.
the good, the bad.
the ugly, the great.


Dog With Fleas

on my own faith I went.
or delusion.
wanted it so bad.
unfulfilled, as always.
only quick looks and glances.
they don't ever look back.
they are there always and eternally.
seek and you will find.
the word is true.
it is some good news.
keep working.
and singing and dancing.
another day might come.
faith will work.
if you let it in.
for it cannot be made by us.
accepted and groomed.
anything else is just a dog with fleas.