There Is Peace There

supposed to be some running trails up through there.
connecting the whole place.
all the way to Erwin Park.
north end.
plenty of room.
camp for days.
love does actually win in the end.
and we know what love is.
the light!  the light!
it was given to the city in the 50's.
by the Erwin's.
as long as it remained a park.
the off road bike track added later.
80's maybe.
when they started making those big dirt bikes.
always a place for peace.
arranged in a circle of sorts.
pavilions and playgrounds.
fire pits and facilities.
take a night walk with some glowsticks.
skies are huge and you can see the Anna trucks top on 75 central.
hills and valleys and ridges.
a massive wooden cliff.
an old graveyard sits on one side.
the 1800's.
think of the stories they could tell.
but the boredom.
we were born in our own age.
color fades over time.
and over time it has.
diversity and tolerance roam these streets.
all lives matter.
the west west the west the east and the east east.
all get along.
bulldogs and broncos have come along.
but the lions are the original kings and queens.
let's be clear.
peace must be protected.
and strived for.
peace on earth is no accident.
and is somewhat rare.
thank the word.
permanent and eternal peace.
hotheads losing their cool.
the heat irritates.
pride gets involved.
tape is rolling as he rolls by.
talking back talking back.
not minding not minding.
shouting orders shouting cuss words.
the bad one.
and damning God!
get ahold of yourself chief.
the process will continue.
deliberations and protestations.
intentions will seem noble.
prayers will be lifted and lifted.
and should.
ain't no better place than Erwin.
north end.
there is peace there.