The Southern Way The Northern Lights

arguing bout some dumb flag.
there is no truth in a flag.
designers of yesterday.

respect the land by tending it.
salutes are irrelevant.
and a waste of time.

the ignert will squeal.
ladies will wail about bravery.
the greys led astray.

jefferson davis was a mean mother.
talking bout way of life.
nobody told the master what to do.

meetings and assemblies and town halls.
what the world must have been like then.
the southern way the northern lights.

tolerance and live and let live.
you aren't protecting your children.
you aren't preserving anything worth preserving.

relics are remembered.
for the things that made them relics.
all these human races are humans.

so, good for the dukes of hazzard.
vintage paint job and busty women.
the general lee flying over a railroad car.

offensive is defined by the offended.
the offender should seek to not offend.
unless the offended is offended by the word.