Twisting Iron

.the whole room was ready for tunes.
.the smiling charity gang finally arrived.
.billy falcon was performing.
.washing the red down with Tupps black.
.a defining moment.
.exiting the hospital wondering what to say.
.the dude everyone knows.
.a builder and replicator of European towns.
.its true about the hundred dollar bill.
.magical and significant, always.
.the windows have a mucky film all over.
.one at a time.
.the words come easy and fast.
.capture the essence through mysterious means.
.stained glass room, like a sanctuary.
.shhhhh the talkers.
.hush the ruckus.
.met the humble brewmaster.
.a team effort is always the best answer.
.the day brother twisting iron and folding tin.
.really worked that world word over good.
.came out in rough pieces that fit perfectly.
.like home.