Made Men And Women

..this circle of relevancy is shrinking.
..only traditions and obligations to keep it intact.
..only supernatural forces to keep it effective.
..only a few truths are even known.
..some, like ever expanding space, are largely ignored.
..the thought of the possibilities too much to take.
..others, like death, are obsessed over and fretted.
..when the minds get involved, nothing is pure.
..motivations of the selfish and greedy.
..the soul contains empathy and sympathetic instincts.
..true benevolence is never from the heart or mind.
..it comes from outside of us, taking over for a moment in time.
..directing the heart and mind against their will.
..genuine and authentic and true, we are only being used.
..there is nothing in return, nothing to gain.
..we cannot gain anything greater than what is already attained.
..we are made men and women.