The Texas Shade Is Clear

.overlooking the dock.,,.a mile away from the sisters.,,.together we spoke as one.,,.recalling the days.,,.understanding why everything happened.,,.to bring us here.,,.to this moment in time.,,.what we have attained.,,.through no work of our own.,,.attained by grace.,,.which means gift from god.,,.it was not expected.,,.still it is rejected by many.,,.allow the day to pass.,,.be of it.,,.forget it.,,wake up again.,,.knowledge is not new.,,.we are not smarter than past generations.,,.we've learned from them.,,.this time is ours.,,.each day it's own.,,.twisted metal connected by bolts and wires.,,.the texas shade is clear.,,.the drinker's glass.,,.some local folks.,,.rooftop vents.,,.the bicycle shop.,,.two stage setup.,,.swag camper.,,.inside and out.,,.everybody with the day off.,,.art everywhere.,,.music should fill this space.,,.talking songs and guitar echoes.,,.pink patio chairs.,,.and iron.