Factual Fact

These are motivations of the mind.  To develop and guide.  Not for the sake of vanity, but for pure reasons.  Engaged in the environment daily.  The culture changes slowly.  Speaking of years and decades and generations.  Some methods should be static and some should be changed continuously.  Certainly values should be fully developed after the age of reason is reached.  Which varies from person to person, but is generally considered about 20.  This is just some theory of some sort.  Nothing but other's thinking on the matter.  Maturity may never be reached.  Age is only on factor.  Experience, spirit, and circumstance are others.  Would be interesting to meet the most mature person in the world.  Wise and measured.  Turn all the cheeks.  No envy or grudges.  Thinks ahead, learns from the past.  Confident and humble.  Tremendous friend.  Fun.  Work ethic and balance.  This person walked the earth.  This person was betrayed.  This person was mocked.  This person was beaten.  This person was whipped and flogged.  This person chose to die for us.  He knew of paradise.  Completed faith.  Understands the weak, but is not weak.  But he destroyed the dark.  He brought light.  He rose baby!  Had to take care of some business, but he rose.  Factual fact.  And the ramifications of that fact.  The conclusions to draw, despite the unknown.  Sometimes we need to step back, sometimes we need to squint, but the picture can be seen, sure as shit, because of this fact.