The Noise Is Constant

Blasphemy and offensive.
Inconceivable and unbelievable.
..The noise is constant.
Charges and accusations.
Desguised and camouflaged.
..The noise is constant.
Blabbering and spitting.
Muttering and mumbling.
..The noise is constant.
Cluttered and stacked.
Reckless and despondent.
..The noise is constant.
Holograms and virtuality.
Relativity and neutrality.
..The noise is constant.
Pleasant and peaceful.
Climbing and flying.
..The noise is constant.


Wild Colors And Jazz

The first cuts.  Motors powering through.
Machines win for now, but the plants just grow and grow.

Constant maintenance.  Til the heap pile.
Replaced by the thermal polymer, most modern plastics.

Indestructible and new.  To last forever.
Divide the deck, cut it twice like the New Mexicans.

The state of confusion.  Where the aliens land.
Craters dent the sand, the caverns go deeper and deeper down.

This planet is full of meat.  Trees just give and give.
Provisions all around, in the water in the bread in the wine.

Wild colors and jazz.  Driving in HiFi.
Noise fills the cabin, the street keeps the beat.


Mojo Man

Sky keeps squeezing out the rain.
A good soaking.
When the lakes get a chance to rise.
When the grass gets green.

This is a tilting machine.
Upside down and hanging on.
Ankles locked in place.
All the blood gets flowing like it should.

The biggest deal ever.
So many theives.
The dumbest always get blamed.
New ink and rails.

Cash out and hang loose.
Find the mojo man.
Let the music decide the truth.
Echoes and word.

Provoking peace.
Stare to the light and trust.
Aware of others.
Acceptance and the free riders.


Over A Century

...she could keep a good crust...
...under her breath she cussed...
...on her smile you could trust...

...over a century we were blessed...

...she could drive as fast as anyone...
...loved her husband and her sons...
...loved all the wives, every one...

...over a century we were blessed...

...God never made a star so bright...
...lived all her years, kept up the fight...
...memories kept me up almost all night...

...over a century we were blessed...

...one more thing to know about Ina...
...from rankin, texas to the edge of china...
...never lived many women much finer...

...over a century we were blessed...


Autumn Eyes

Blowing by at 95.
Through the empty spaces of Texas, slowing on the ridges.
Follow the signs.
The dollar store blues, took the loop too far.
They are the same.
Reaching to the clouds, stretching for the sun.
Those cold valley towns.
Long winter seasons, the light just don't get in.

Where the workers live.
Away from the t shirts, a few pints of beer.
Stories upon stories.
Sleeping on the ice, chasing robbers around.
The mayor was late.
Buy out the old timers, new days ahead.
Nothing sadder than holding on to the past.

You'll get it.
Like a bicycle, rely on muscle memory.
Gravity method.
Point em down the hill, trust the edges.
Specialized for a century, ski the woods.
Autumn eyes.
Cling to the hills, stake your claim for awhile.



Solar Shows

These late nights are useless.
When you realize it's morning and consider activities to come.

The world will keep you up forever with its tease.
Hear this and see that.

An hour before dawn, when the darkness is busy.
The light!  The light!

Time will tell.
The sun will decide.

Solar shows and heat.
We have no control.


Big Snow


.snowdrifts on the fences.
.whirling, whipping, and blowing.
.winds coming from the north.
.morning moonlight was glowing.

.effects of global warming.
.sleeting, icing, and freezing.
.complicated to explain, you see.
.seeing's not always believing.

blizzards. someone's always talking bout blizzards. someone's always talking bout snow. how it sticks to the roads. how it makes us cold. how we told you so. although its ten below. although the pipes all froze.

love the big snow, oh yeaaa, love the big snow.

.clear the highways and streets.
.bulldoze it over to the side.
.been snowing for days and days.
.boston's all buried in white.

.packing up for the western drive.
.slide down the mountain slopes.
.enjoy it all while it lasts.
.winter bout to come to a close.