Body Clocks

.muscle memory and body clocks. .rise early and reach. .the ugly glared us down. .we are their enemy. .outside of love. .but love still remains. .patiently waiting. .each day passes. .the anxious and jittery. .time is our reality.



.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.

.soldier went down in Gettysburg.
.leg was lost and prayers were heard.
.a shot of whiskey dulled the pain.
.conditions that day were inhumane.

.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.

.some days I know I'm dying slow.
.some days I swear I just don't know.
.faith and love is all that remains.
.passed out before going down in flames.

.thank god for novocaine.
.love the way it tricks my brain.
.takes away all the pain.
.thank god for novocaine.




Black Saturday Night

A time when resources were depleted
After all the heartbreaks been had
A time when the lonely were cheated
Living on the other side of mad

Hop in and strap your belt buckle
Pull your hat down tight
Just another lick my boots hustle
On this black saturday night

.my shadow is taller than my soul
.end of awful days seem close
.all the voices of rage from below
.they chatter, they scream, they know
Awww, they know, they know

Talk about reliability
Our salvation at the end
All afternoon He bleeds and bleeds
Suffering for our sins

Walked around hell staring em down
Really wasn’t much of a fight
No reason for all these frowns
On this black Saturday night  


Texico Days: Macho Burger

     In large measure, commerce was the true reason Texico came to be.  The notion that good ideas, executed in a deliberate and intentional manner, will lead to innovation and prosperity was radical to some, especially the corrupted American establishment.  Soaked in unneeded regulations, choked by corporate taxes, and saddled with expensive entitlement programs, the American economy collapsed in the 20's.  The baby boomer transition from saving money to withdrawing money tanked the banks and investment companies.  Texicans were resourceful.  Never did they expect the government to provide for their retirement.  Retirement, in fact, was not something many texicans pursued.  Instead, aging texicans kicked it in as they headed towards the grave.  Business ventures, missional efforts, and other interests became more important later in life.  Rebirth, renewal, and reinvention.  Always.  No other phenomenon illustrated this spirit as clearly as Macho Burger.  This prevalent feature of the towns and cities of Texico began as a simple vision.  The best burger for less.  Opened prior to the beginning of Texico in the great Collin county suburbs north of Dallas, this restaurant has become a conglomeration of 2500 units spread all through Texico.  Created by entrepreneur Mason J. Step, L. Dean Fitzgerald was an early investor and wrote the signature jingle in the early days...

Walking, I found myself hungry and in the Allen area. While I was looking around for something to eat, I bumped into a guy standing on the corner of Bethany and Greenville. I asked him, “Hey man, you know where I can get a good burger?” “You want a good burger, huh?” he answered. “Yeah”, I said. He asked if ever had a Macho Burger. “A Macho Burger?” I inquired. “Yes, a Macho Burger.” “Nope”, I answered. He then pointed across the street to a small colorful hut with smoke coming out of the top and said, “Go on over there and order you a Macho Burger. You’ll be glad you did”. Intrigued at this point I pressed for more information. “What makes a Macho Burger so good?” I asked “What makes a Macho Burger so good? First off, they give you a huge hunk of meat. Secondly, they keep the bread dry”, he answered quickly. He thought for a few more moments and added, “another thing, after you eat a Macho Burger, you know you ate a good burger.” he went on, “you know you got your money’s worth and you can come back and get the same thing next time you want a good burger.” Then he challenged me, “Why don’t you go try for yourself?” With that I thanked him, jaywalked across the street, and ordered a Macho Burger. After carefully unwrapping the burger and seeing it in its full uneaten glory I could understand what he meant by a huge hunk of meat and the integrity of the bread was intact. I couldn’t wait to take a bite and when I did I tasted the best burger I ever had. A Macho Burger. I’ll tell you this, it won’t be the last. Get you a Macho Burger today. You'll be glad you did.

Creative marketing, good burgers, and relentless sanitary execution earned Macho Burger it's place among iconic Texican brands.  The development of the now famous chihuahua burger and the marketing of it, first as a slider appetizer, then as a children's burger, was an example of this continuous nature of texican innovation.  Mr. Stec developed the menu personally and makes adjustments obsessively.  The original Macho burger (meat, sharp cheddar cheese, thinly sliced onions, zesty dill pickle slices, raw bell peppers, and black olives served on a very toasted bun, best with real mayonnaise) was the only burger on the menu for a couple of years before the need for diversity led to a more versatile menu.


White Pants

.she stepped out last week.
.cold shoulder turns and silence.
.the joy of life can be had.
.but it must be sought.
.you will find it within.
.it has already found you.
.white pants and stone necklaces.
.warm towels and perfect eyebrows.
.until the slumber ends.
.until the change of the season.
.endurance and work.
.routines and habits.
.particular projects of beginnings and ends.
.selling margaritas in the stands now
.just want a smoke.
.nervous mutes and sidewinders.
.get up there closer.
.the yu choo rendition of the rangers.
.no bleacher seats anymore.
.the world has been fooled.
.not entertainment.
.glow world park.
.a sucker's den.


No Generations

.disorientation of the order of things.
.take nothing for granted.
.all rotations are their own.
.this will not last.
.time will end.
.our time.
.anxiety and regrets rolled in the mud.
.schedules and agendas obsolete.
.no generations.
.no eras.
.decades, centuries, millennia.
.pushing work and cash around now.
.pride digestion and moments of joy.
.relationships initiated and maintained.
.plans of goals and actions.
.read respond, read respond.
.give your heart away.
.it is too blue for your own use.
.look through the eyes of others.
.understand them.
.the season came to an end last night.
.the hawks had a good run.
.the loud voice having fun.
.his stage is gone.