Ready for the firecrackers tonight.
Now, the birds are still around.
Celebration of the initial critical actions.
Thoughts and ideas of the past refined.
Allowances made for the southern folks.
Go on your way and fight the redcoats.
Their shiny brass buttons, majestic at high noon.
Hide in the trees, cut them down, bleed them back.
Mercenaries don't fight like the desperate.
These are the woods of younger days.
Booby traps and ambushes.
They talk funny and squeal like baby hogs.
Eventually, the cost will be too much.
As long as we stick together.
The king is a lazy man.
Look on his face when he realizes we're serious.
The weight of the crown.
Empire of global scale.
Let's lay on the beaches of our islands.
The Yankees are dug in.
The people will never love us.
Leave the west to them.
To discover the other ocean.
To climb the mountains and cliffs.
Conquistadors travelled those sands.
The Mayans left to wither away.
Up through the gulf they came.
The Catholics not far behind.
Riverside missions and village squares.
We met in the middle and became wild.
Gunslinging cowboys and Native braves.
Then, from the south, greed arrived.
Remember the Alamo!
Tried to burn us out.
Should've had an afternoon hanging in San Jacinto.
Houston's dumbest mistake.