Moments By Moments

.resilience and the toll of it all..the confliction of the soul..wanted, alive and abundant..neverending and nevertheless..which to indulge..where to turn..it is not an option..the rules too strict, the laws too unfair..justice is not for this world..only moments by moments by moments..


Parking Garages

...the most massive collection of parking garages and parking lots in the world...empty out the weekend runners...back to business...deals are made in the tall buildings of Dallas...oil deals, land deals, side deals, and we had a deals...each one with a bottom line...each one protecting thier own intrests...city hall made it all go in the day...JFK never had a chance...pride and sports will keep it alive...line dancing lessons at gators, the tower ball, kitchen closes in ten minutes...a night on the town...gave up a buck to a hustler...seemed to be telling the truth about that homeless shelter...those downtown cops got it covered...


Seeing Eye Dogs

.we are willing participants and infractors.
.to the smashing of what has gotten old.

.we take stock every day and see the miracles.
.what is known will be revealed to all.

.with bugs and seeing eye dogs keeping track.
.undisclosed determinations and conclusions.

.drawn from electro shocks and transmitters.
.revolutionaries are quarantined and hidden.

.the citizens are pacified and distracted.
.among them are the young and deceived.

.conformity made easy and respectable.
.capitalism responsibilities and national days.

.with repetitive ease we continue the cycle.
.like soldiers of fortune in a routine war.

.the latest is waiting and already in production.
.remembered having nice things and on the go.

.orderly traditions and traveling memories.
.we'll see what we see at the station house.

.a soaked mess coming in from the rain.
.in love with the hard to love.


Stone Throwers

...the calls come in late, the people wanting entry to the show...walls are useless, unless the times are just right...the stone throwers keep track of lawless, finding fault with all...wireless attitudes, connected by the waves...insanity is saying what is thought, without consideration...plastic hearts, mass produced in warehouses on the coast...soul sounds, muffled and faint...leave the bones to others, dust to dust...surrender the pride, make it known...gratitude is for later, after the fall...peace is for after that, and for always...reality is the real truth, clear as day...


Happy Preachers

.children in line for the border game.
.anything to get into the land of the free.
.ethics aside, the moral questions rise.
.the land of opportunity should seize the opportunity.
.this must be done to the benefit of the future.
.first generation Americans are the best kind.
.love of country comes easy and is abundant.
.rally the churches, host a pot luck.
.these kids need a home.
.as texans, this is our time.
.the test is here.
.something bout money and mouths.
.the scared and the timid whine.
.talk of fairness and justice.
.as the tee times fill up on the weekend.
.and the pool water is treated with care.
.ear bud zombies with techno strides.
.happy preachers talk about measures of success.
.butts in seats, this place is holy.
.teachers of god's word, the old and the new.
.the relationships and validations of the word.
.we have room, we have work, we have opportunity.
.lets invite them all, get in line, we will open more.
.the border will disappear, Texico or not.
.benevolence should be sincere.
.service to others should be indiscriminate.
.we will know in 20 years.
.i have hope, but am not optimistic.
.our history is too clear.
.and it will be repeated.
.inevitability is inevitable.
.and so it is, and will be.


Hooke Street Blues

.kings highway up in st Lou.
.cat told stories bout everyone he knew.
.did her wrong and then she flew.
.left him in the city with the Hooke Street Blues.

.did everything he could to make a buck.
.never had much but always had enough.
.tried for years to regain their trust.
.passed the bottle then passed the cup.

.heard on the radio read it in the news.
.brothers are back and they shined their shoes.
.they seen the days they paid the dues.
.left in the city with the Hooke Street Blues.

.smoking allowed in the basement room.
.funkadelic sounds gonna cure the gloom.
.bark at the dogs and howl to the moon.
.ladies start dancing at half past noon.



Ready for the firecrackers tonight.
Now, the birds are still around.
Celebration of the initial critical actions.
Thoughts and ideas of the past refined.
Allowances made for the southern folks.
Go on your way and fight the redcoats.
Their shiny brass buttons, majestic at high noon.
Hide in the trees, cut them down, bleed them back.
Mercenaries don't fight like the desperate.
These are the woods of younger days.
Booby traps and ambushes.
They talk funny and squeal like baby hogs.
Eventually, the cost will be too much.
As long as we stick together.
The king is a lazy man.
Look on his face when he realizes we're serious.
The weight of the crown.
Empire of global scale.
Let's lay on the beaches of our islands.
The Yankees are dug in.
The people will never love us.
Leave the west to them.
To discover the other ocean.
To climb the mountains and cliffs.
Conquistadors travelled those sands.
The Mayans left to wither away.
Up through the gulf they came.
The Catholics not far behind.
Riverside missions and village squares.
We met in the middle and became wild.
Gunslinging cowboys and Native braves.
Then, from the south, greed arrived.
Remember the Alamo!
Tried to burn us out.
Should've had an afternoon hanging in San Jacinto.
Houston's dumbest mistake.


Days Of Laze

.the woe when temptation meets opportunity. .schemes of the devil. .an outright lie to be told. .in the heart the truth is written. .it is an unnatural thing. .this loyalty. .this commitment and vow. .to be hated and despised. .til death I said. .seems closer than ever now. .and it is. .for everyone. .rational thought has no place here. .the pretending has ended. .days and days of laze. .nights of cold. .self control is for the weak. .the evening lion roars. .door abuse. .tomorrow will be repeated. .the day after. .and the day after that. .abundance or endurance. .one is promised. .one is required. .the clever and witty are mocked. .we are sick of you. .and so am I. .always always always. .cry to the sky. .plead to the air.