Sardines And Bread

The executive director was obsessed with sanitary conditions.
Initiation was informative and delivered with confidence.
All the forms were signed by the leaders.
Time for a game of blackjack.
The Vegas queen played them slots and dice.
Dealer rolled low cards on the bottom of the deck.
Sweet tennis Tanya ain't no old maid.
Tootsie will make your day with a full face smile.
But keep your thoughts to yourself.
This is a money game.
We need a caller.
Next time I'll bring a stack of cash.
No mercy for bettors.
Want the glory without the work.
High expectations and annoyances.
Yank on that hair good.
Tie it up in a knot.
Stack the tower up as high as it will go.
Someone will knock it down.
Pass the time.
The young get older.
I'd have dinner with Jesus if I could.
Ask him about feeding everybody with sardines and bread.
Back to the hill for a hose down.
Style basketball and poor shooters.
Exit on the kings highway.
One way streets and four ways.
Take a right on Hooke.
The remaining member of the stepbrothers.
The double breasted tux was legit.
A few weeks in panama would be nice.
It's on at the chase.
All the big names played there.
Some of those old timers still pick.
You could sit in.
Don't let them tell you what to do.
Grab you by your feet and whip you in front of your girl.
Always smoking cigarettes and drinking booze.
My old lady holds a grudge.
That's the truth.
I made my peace.
Got my feet on both sides of the track.
Check this blade.
Look em in the eye and feel them out.
Just nod and you'll be fine.
We're here to work.
In the name of the One.
Inspired by the advocate.
Led by the Word.
Everybody wants the truth.
But all they tell is lies.
Everyone wants to get to heaven.
But no one wants to die.