Cave Walls

.go on and pick a fight.
.wasting your time.
.cowards and talkers.
.citizens are concerned.
.aint nobody crossing the border.
.unless some dan guy lets them.
.if he can get your vote.
.the us mail is a relic.
.mailboxes should die too.
.the printing press served it's purpose.
.like cave walls, tree leaves, and scrolls.
.transferring knowledge is over.
.what we do with it all.
.is the inquiry.

.one day, all the information and images in the world will be accessible by everyone.  even the poor people!  the best search engine ever created will be attached to our thoughts through brainwave reading devices.  thoughts will automatically trigger the search.  the depravity of man finally transparent.  and woman.  our selfishness unavoidable and encouraged.  our questions immediately answered.  our desires immediately satisfied.  the preoccupation will leave the world quiet.  music will make no sound.  talking will become obsolete.  trees will thrive.  holograms will represent us in other places.  suffering will continue.  despite our plead for perfection.