The Devil's Trade

.started with a huge gasp of air.
.made their way to the cannonballs.
.kept blasting the opposite banks.
.all through the afternoon and night.
.the white flags came out eventually.
.the texicans rise again. 
.hysterical commitment cannot be overcome.
.a burden beyond belief.
.carried it up the road.
.on the outskirts of town.
.even had help along the way.
.it could not be done alone.
.agony and moments of boredom.
.branded with scars of war.
.brought to the alter with shame.
.complete mysteries never to be explained.
.something about that wine.
.transferred by digestive means.
.blame it on rio.
.beautiful beautiful things.
.its all been done before.
.for the same exact reasons.
.the devil's trade.