The Envious Kind

.a gathering of gatherers. .cutting in lines. .painted and powdered. .the envious kind. .a mob of mobsters. .robbing the banks. .greasy and bribed. .moneythirsty fangs. .a parting of partiers. .wasted on greed. .drunken and stoned. .got what they need. .a banding of bands. .sounding the same. .hollow and shallow. .lazy and vain.


King The Todd

It was breezy with heavy air as the players began arriving for the 2nd King Of The Court (KOtC). Keck, the tournament administrator and co-founder of the Isner Scoring Method, supplied blue duct tape to secure the brackets to the cardboard registration table. Sixteen players would battle for the title of King of The Court and a few more would become members of the Royal Court. As the players gathered around the scoring table, I reflected on the group and was proud of their commitment and eager to see them in action. The first round draws, established by the competition committee, had been set for weeks. In the Wimbledon draw, there was King James, winner of the first KOtC tournament and favorite once again, Russell Fires, and huge man from the northern woods, Keck, tournament administrator and slayer of USTA 4.0 sandbaggers, and Sergio Oporto, former ranked Bolivian player. The US Open Draw contained Mike Zhuang, with mysterious spin shots, The Todd, who lost in the final to King James in the previous KOtC, Roy Albrecht, established USTA coach willing to try alternative formats, and Duke Chase Kahn, who looks similar to Novak Djokovic. In the French Open draw, Chris Nielsen, an unknown wildcard from the Courts of McKinney, Prince Leo Escario, the Filipino marathon runner, Rueben Decoud, with his incredible leather water bottle, and myself, looking to win the Prince title with a Kramarian game. Finally, the Australian Open draw contained Marty Feldman, known as brother of The Todd and former tennis pro, Frank Friday, an intense Tarrant county player, Earl Nick Keney, who supplied the trophies for the event, and Joe Vita, nursing a plantar fascia injury. Keck had secured the courts through his friend and buddy, Justin Quest, coach of the Allen High school team and recognizer of Isner tennis culture. Without his support and graciousness, the event would not be possible. Allen ISD should be proud of this man and his partnership into the broader tennis community should be applauded by all. His lighted, wind-screened courts are always open to the community, unlike his stingy counterparts in McKinney with their locks and hours of operation. Eagles Landing Tennis Courts, where Isner tennis culture thrives. Half the courts in the complex were undergoing resurfacing so Keck, the tournament administrator, made last minute arrangements to use two courts at the Freshman Center across the street. These courts were the very courts where Isner tennis culture was born, so we Roe-Sham-Boed for the opportunity for one of the draws to play on the hallowed courts. Once decided, the players dispersed and the 5 hour test of tennis gumption and guts began. Profuse sweating was not anticipated, but the unseasonably humid air was drawing fluids from everyone quickly. King James easily won the Wimbledon draw, The Todd took care of business as the US Open group returned from the Freshman courts, Chris Nielsen easily came out of the French Open draw with 2 moulettes, and The Todd's brother Marty Fledman dominated the Australian group with his complete game and despite a tight hamstring. Fighting for the Prince title in the second round was Keck, tournament administrator, Chase Kahn, looking to upgrade his royal status, myself, with a moulette of Prince Leo, and Frank Friday, who proved to have an intimidating game. The prospective Dukes were Sergio Oporto, Roy Albrecht, Rueben Decoud, and Joe Vita. Nick Keney was set to defend his Earl title along with Mr Fires, Mike Zhuang, and Leo Escario, who dedicated his efforts to the typhooned people of his homeland. After a quick rest, the second round began and the true rigor of Isner toughness and preparation was realized. Leo took the Earl title with a final tiebreaker against Nick Keney, who fought hard to keep his title. After the final point, Leo fell to his knees and looked up to heaven. He inspired all of us and prayers are lifted to the people of the islands. Your Earl won a battle as the future brings renewal and hope. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Joe Vita, your Duke. A Duke for the people and by the people. His game, altered to accommodate an injured plantar fascia, grounded in pace and enhanced by the latest tennis technology and fashions. He is regal, he is stoic, he is your Duke. The Prince is Frank Friday, who demoralized all of his opponents with intensity and desire. His memorable and loud celebrations after each victorious point are uncommon in the passive mainstream tennis culture. He truly represents the ideal Isner player. Never before had I head the loud "Out!, Yes!!!" as he called the lines. I was very impressed with his game. For the day he demolished me, Duke Vita, and Keck (the tournament administrator) 7-3 in each of our mahuts. The Tood and King James worked their way into the final to determine the throne. In a surreal development, Chris Nielsen and The Todd were opponents in the Minnesota junior tennis scene years prior. Only King Of The Court could bring these guys back together. The Todd had progressed a bit more since then and slipped by his old nemesis. He demoralized Marty, his older brother, and faced King James with a chance to take the title. King James breezed through all opponents with little effort and looked to be a lock to retain his throne. The Todd was, in fact, serving underhand due to a hockey injury and the odds seemed stacked against him. The final mahut was observed by an exhausted group of lesser players, including Prince Frank Friday and Duke Joe Vita. The stands were wild with 'We Will Rock You' foot stomps and claps. Marty, with his ailing hamstrings, heckled relentlessly. Keck, the tournament administrator, was beaming as it went to a tiebreaker, the success of the event evident to all. King James had mahut point and The Todd battled back. In the end, The Todd became King The Todd with a unflappable game and complete confidence. King James seemed to lose focus a time or two after losing mahut point and was classy in defeat. He handed over the royal bobblehead to King The Todd with a smile, although just below the surface a steaming regret was noticed by those who knew him well. The lost mahut point will haunt him, no doubt, but he will get another chance to sit upon the throne. King The Todd is a worthy king. As he strolled into the Londoner for post tournament beers and recollections, he looked like a King. At the outdoor table, he talked like a King. He told stories of points and strategy. He recalled moments of testing and games of will. The entire group was captivated by his every word. English ale flowed and flowed. I was honored to buy him his first beer, a New Castle. We sat there for hours. Marty, King The Todds big brother, kept ordering food and tentative plans were made to gather at Keck's for a card game. We wanted to hang around King The Todd all day and night. To understand his mind and game, his insistence that the underhanded serve was here to stay, his Kaizen thoughts on improvements to the format and next KOtC. The realities of the evening took over, however, and the needed players would not, could not, commit. King The Todd was up for it--only the commoners were spares

Before We Get Started

.before we get started.
.let's pat ourselves on the back.
.made it through some crazy days
.we've been able to adapt.
to adapt.

.before we get started.
.look up into the deep blue sky.
.wonder what makes it blue.
.the blue that I see in your eyes.

.before we get started.
.before most of this time is gone.
.think about the ones before.
.lift your prayers and sing your songs.

.before we get started.
.come and sit upon my knee.
.find out what you really think.
.find out what you believe.

.before we get started.
.let's give this love one more try.
.shared too much through the years honey.
.love you til the day I die.


Congo Hide In The Trees

...huge and massive explosions in deep space ...unexplained black holes forming in the ever expanding universe ...stars being extinguished by the millions and asteroids racing by ...meanwhile on earth, important matters being discussed ...this menu is 3 pages long...white gravy, brown gravy ...dr pepper refills ...holiday mix and body wash ...congo hide in the trees ...those cold nights in the late seventies ...betrayed and ruined ...orion glows on this night ...seen by the world but not noticed ...sequels are all we got ...ideas and thoughts are hypnotized ...line up for black Friday ...the modern day holiday

Until Eternity Begins

...ahhh, the islands.
...the ocean winds.
...ferocious and indiscriminate.
...those boat people know.
...they went to high ground.
...boarded up the bars.
...to live another day.
...until eternity begins.


Silence Is Music

.bent, like twisted steel.
.busted, like a weary man.
.bloody, on a china plate.
.bread, the true body.
.blaze, like the fire winds.
.blame, belongs to you.
.broke, like a locked up gear.
.blondes, my favorite color.
.brunettes, love them too.
.bums, my true brothers.
.bands, silence is music.
.boats, to float the world.

Fried Is Funner

.the truth of the matter is always the rub.like it can even be put into a recognizable language.communication break up.find it in orion's belt.place it on a paper plate.the genius of the spork.hell yes, you chicken lovers.save a breast for me.white meat scandal.spreading your wings.a leggy girl she is.buttery thighs.it is all finger licking good.fried is funner.we understand our limitations.we cause the sensitive to cry.the insultable are sad.


The Original Fool

.helium and particle dust. .should've made myself clear. .those big spending days are over. .counting fives and tens. .suffering is real. .all around the world. .typhoons and body bags. .the smell of lucifer. .ruling his world with no mercy. .blind to the truth. .the pest angel. .pleasing himself and offering eternal death. .the original fool. .with a top 10 list. .in the dark. .cufflinks and smokes. .zz top in the background. .life is better with music. .the clinks and clanks and bends. .eliminator. .people rise up. .declare the obvious. .broadway broads are the best. .singing show tunes. .high stepping in a parade. .convincing and sharp. .walking everywhere like slammers. .conversing with the bums. .jealous of thier life. .complete love. .patient and kind. .giving and forgiving. .clearing the record clean.

Frozen Soul

.frozen soul. .captured forever. .thawing slow. .a mixed endeavor. .frozen soul. .the deepest freeze. .angels know. .our eternal needs. .frozen soul. .and chili sauce. .the kitchen closed. .can't feed the lost. .ice ice baby.ice ice baby.


Day Drinker

c.f.g.fgc. .in the middle of the morning, .not needed til :15 to 3, .vodka laced with pepper, .makes the best bloody marys. f.c.f.cfc. .day drinker. .give the sun a toast. .day drinker. .never felt so low. .the afternoon is bright, .november winds are cool, .a dunkel from franconia, .on a lonely old barstool. .day drinker. .give the sun a toast. .day drinker. .never felt so low. .and just before the the darkness falls, .before the fall of night, .corkscrew's in the drawer, .the cork was really tight. .day drinker. .give the sun a toast. .day drinker. .never felt so low.


Punctured Heart

.this well is deep. .the earth is active and hot. .too many chances missed. .too many lost souls. .the ripe are ready for a harvest. .pick that tree clean sister. .the orchard girls. .between the rows. .collecting the fruit. .the moment we knew we knew. .punctured heart. .the horns of the devil are sharp.


Short Memories

.like sheep to the checkout counter.like ants, dutiful for the queen.like pigs to the mud.like dogs with short memories.


One Lane Road

.early arrival shrugged off.scowls and twisted faces.no expressions and forced civility.it is not easy.my heart bleeds.vast amounts of blood.the well is empty.the rationale reaction is ache.needs can be done without.but with a price.the toll is due.the body does live on.limps along.slithers along.hops along.to love and to be in love are different.love is static.being in love is dynamic.falling in love is easy.it is a one lane road.there is no shoulder.the road moves forward.


Between The Liners And Sleezers

These rats. Political do-gooders with cash in the bank and paybacks. Kickbacks too. And trailers. Hustling folks and shaking trees. Wheeling and dealing. As it has always been when the masses are governed. Cynicism is easy, hope is hard. Illumination and transparency is required. These closed doors meetings have to stop. The brilliant and qualified are snakes, slithering to devour money. Because the love of money is strong. It will cloud all judgement and give false security. The devil is on the inside. We all have a battle in this war. We cannot win alone, or with money. The ghost, the ghost. But no attention is paid to the salvation voices, not asking for more. That is a seperate matter. Church and state kept apart. Forced apart, rather, by between the liners and sleezers. Speak your mind is all. Especially when asked. Be a person someone might ask. Don't be a rat. Banish disgust, anger, and grudges. Invoke patience, love, and forgiveness. Point to the words.

Box Wine

.the last drop just dropped. .the juice of the calm. .liquid silk and fine nurses. .water glass drinkers. .the stain of the red. .the ridicule of the white. .she blushes. .but the last drop just dropped. .this box of wine is gone. .all the diversions and schemes. .all the hope and laughter. .really listening. .and understanding. .responding with no commands. .responding with old words. .not your own. .ahh, we gotta another box. .ain't never gonna run outta box wine.


Bless All The Saints

...twins with afros and identical dresses...a dallas cowboys cheerleader with a hairy stomach...an escaped convict...a colander hat with wires plugged in and hanging everywhere...a kitty cat and a nerd...masked and pink...fell out of love...found each other in a stormy life...decided to stay for rationale reasons...indiana jones is nothing but a wino...martin luther with a glowing face...swigging beers and singing...a weary mack...wigs everywhere...which means cattle driver...the political party from the early 1800s...send me the wench...skeleton hat...she was a crazy woman...its all in the hats...happily ever after...bless all the saints...