Drones And Clones



.look up look up
.there's a drone flying by
.flown by a clone
.we don't even have to die

.kamikazee man
.working the remote control
.no expressions on the clones.
.they don't even really know

.salute the hackers I guess
.ours are better than theirs
.best viruses around
.go straight to your head

.the public is a mess
.hypnotized and tranced
.don't want to know the truth
.don't want to take a stance

.its just drones and clones.yea yea yea
.drones and clones.the brave are dead

.over there over there
.its the man driving by
.everybody knows
.he's got tears in his eyes

.likes the lofty titles
.likes the free jet air
.loves hanging with his daughters
.likes not giving a care

.peaceful men they know
.women and the like
.we're all left to wonder
.while the drones rule the night

.its just drones and clones.yea yea yea
.drones and clones.the brave are dead


Reflex Of The Mind

.never want to be a good old days dude.
.mainly, they are just old.
.some were good, in fact.
.many were good.
.but they were.
.some were down right awful.
.but they were too.
.gone, past, history.
.the order always changes.
.evolution of activity.
.spending time.
.we spend and spend and spend.
.through the dull and electric.
.set your conditions.
.move like water.
.settle in the cracks.
.rush over rock.
.search for gravity.
.give life.
.refresh the parched.
.clean the muddy.
.water never goes back.
.where all the heartache is left out.
.when pain was not felt.
.right now is the good day.
.tomorrow just a hopeful transpiring.
.make this day about what inspires you.
.make right now about       taking a sip of coffee.
.we got nothing to worry about.
.it won't do any good.
.you've done what you can do.
.anxiety not made for the uncontrollable.
.it is a reflex of the mind.
.control what you can through decisions.
.and actions, of course.
.integrity is the link between decisions and actions.
.good intentions are just that.


Sons Of Patriots

...who can they destroy that will really make a point...
...what can they banish that will let them all know...
...why would they stop and call the game over...
...where is our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness...
...when are we going to realize they left us...

.create something new.
.call it the sons of patriots.
.glowface organization.
.standards set.
.children unlabled.

the spineless and compromisers are unwelcome.  the weak conformers to this world.  reformers are needed.  creators are needed.  truth is needed.  you ruiners of liberty stand down!  silence, you destroyers of peace!  the sons of patriots is talking to you, IRS.  red flag routing, i'm sure.  built on a transparent process of greed and bribery.  the lobby girls and boys got cash to throw around.  millionaires by the million.  government work ain't what it used to be.  D.C., the dump home of the redskins, the richest town in america.  to protect and serve alright.  protect the grease shop and serve themselves.   

...walked them mountains of philmont...
...sweet sixteen... 
...diver down...
...a chick friend...
...california calvin...
...root beers...
...tent city...
...chili at a chuck wagon stop...
...a snake is in the grass...
...those pine bluff dudes were cool...
...happiest on the trail...
...teddy roosevelt fishing cabin...
...homemade flies and screened porches...



Toymaker Man

.the loss of heroes
.when all the worthy died off
.fought in every war he possibly could

.flew planes
.and dropped bombs

.shined his shoes bright
.glowed even at night
.when the children came

.one after your own heart
.one a free spirit child
.never in a million years would we guess he would pass

.he attended all the funerals
.never would he be honored
.unexplainable and unlogical

.busy mind of service
.til the end
.toymaker man

.sweet gal she was too
.looked you in the eyes
.enjoyed your joy

.next door neighbors to blood relatives
.finally I found you
.set up from the start

.in tennis shape
.the highkick queen
.another one on the loose

.complete with a protector
.warrior child
.she will stand up for something very big one day

.for all the right reasons
.taught perseverance
.creates hope

.smarter than all
.phase six or seven
.can't keep track

.the canyons are deep
.carved from rock
.water again the creator.



..it should not be tolerated..
..certainly not applauded..
..song called new slaves..
..performer will go unnamed..
..bout the dumbest thing i've heard..
..yes, vulgar and idiotic..
..self pity on steroids..
..a 1st grader throwing an adult fit..
..he gonna bust stuff up..
..wonder what the marketing department thinks..
..street cred man, street cred..
..all those simple minds out there will buy it up..
..i know it ain't music..
..like with instruments and stuff..
..but he's on the mic..
..owning the stage..
..wanna sell more t shirts..
..the fashion industry awaits..
..to test out the new fabrics..
..to change the scene..
..to throw out the old and sell in the new..
..on a three year cycle..
..for the mainline trends..
..perpetual and sustainable growth model..
..the consumer's responsibility..
..and addiction..
..back to the kanyeoke performer..
..why don't you call a news conference..
..tell us why you ain't gonna take it no more..
..the injustices shown..
..the irs done done you wrong..
..so did that dude in the hamptons..
..you really do that to his wife..
..don't tear me down..
..don't air me out..
..this other dude with sandals and a robe got my ear..
..teaching about the patient and kind..
..preaching bout faith and love..
..proclaim Him as your slave master..



Whispering Girls

just you and the ants now.
no one hardly talks anymore.

been feeling low on the inside.
like an accepted fate.

whatever that could be.
a race car driver.

hitting the banks hard.
hoping for the rubber to grip.

which one of us is going to break.
who is the engineer.
who is the artist.

the ability to create.
a ninety degree day.

humid sweat pours from your skin.
heat and nerves collide.

dreamed that I dreamed I saw an asteroid pass by.
winked at me as it streaked by.

firey ball with a smokey tail.
the whispering girls got hate in their hearts.
as we all do.

envy and insecurities.
left everyone out at some point.

endure the pain.
understand the disappointment.

love anyway.


Preventing Gravity

.the constant talk of emotions and motions
     .going through them for certain
.welling up when thinking of the tragedy
      .one for the other
.equal in impact and consequences
      .changed into something
.the Lord is the remaining link
      .preventing music like preventing gravity
.bands of clowns left for eternity
      .mocked forever
.hard of hearing
      .the mercy shown
.perhaps we refine the guidelines
      .update the parameters
.in light of the new understanding
      .and abandonment
.hit the links
      .go with pastels
.respectability in the shadow of shame
      .worst case scenario always possible
.mostly unlikely.


From Where Thought Is Formed

*to the searchers of glory, the finders of mercy, the shame inspired, the guilt inspired, the tuned out.
*turn your attention to important matters, take a moment to consider, salvation and how it all turns out.

*get away from your worn path and walk across the streets, through the fields, over the divides.
*plan to use some time to follow the hunch, check out the tip, learn a bit more, follow the night lights.

*go to the edge, the very tip of the cliff, peer over and stare at the earth, it's peaks and valleys and ruts.
*think of looking from space like a satellite, watching from the stars, telescopes fixed on all of us.

*scurrying about like chaotic soldiers, waiting for the next command, standing and glowing on the dock
*spotlight the unknown, tune into the unheard, illuminate the unseen, speak the unspeakable, eat the rot.

*chime in with your opinions you busy minds, pretend to understand, pretend to try, through the motions.
*knock back two or three and drink a glass of tea in between, close your eyes and think of the ocean.

*the globe shaking always, sending waves thousands of miles, water always finding it's way to land.
*alone on this lifeboat, gasping for humid air, humming always and thinking of songs for the band.

*mind control of sorts, occupiers of it's time, it's reflexes and currents, from where thought is formed.
*sometimes called the soul, it is actually a function of our brain, where truth is known and sin is born.


The Theory Of Proximity

Proximity is essential for productive management and leadership. 
Greater than strategy, greater than goals, greater than fear. 
Understanding the operation, knowing the challenges, listening to others. 

Supported with an efficient and strictly executed communications strategy, this proximity will lead to effective decision making and a collaborative culture. 

Benefits of a collaborative culture and effective decision making are good strategy and tactical execution. 

Benefits of good strategy and tactical execution are profits for reinvestment, pocket cash, and continuing prospects.  



Sick Sweat

...arms heavy and slow
...feet dragging and flat
...a head full of stuffing
...a sick sweat
...in the late spring humidity
...lungs shut off and full of webs
...wheezing and coughing
...waves of warm buzz
...the silence breaks with screeching
...the dim begins to glow
...tossing and turning til two
...Sandy lake days
...they'll ride anything
...laughing and getting soaked
...happy days are here again


Fish Belly

fish belly they called him.
banged on that bass all day.
take after take.
tuning by ear, tapping his feet.
shut his mind off.

the real twist comes next.
asian women in silk, smiling and paying close attention.
stomach was white as a white crayola.
that's the reason for the fish belly name.
gotta have a blues name.
but it has to be given to you.

stackabones has a good blues name.
guitar player, that dude.
whip out a song.
three layers of thought.

like Jonah, defiant but still smart.
the wisdom and obedience fear inspires.
whatever it takes for grace man.

fish belly is a good blues name.


Julio Franco

.julio franco had a funky swing.
.spit seeds all the time.
.blood red eyes and speed.

.pudge was built like a brick shithouse.
.rocket arm and dark stares.
.doubles up the gap.

.juan was the best of all.
.lanky, long, and lean.
.puffed up and his joints went out.

.the pitchers always let them down.
.a parade of over the hill and green.
.mr washington talking bout fundamentals.

.ruben sierra was closest to clemente.
.got caught up in chicken fighting.
.the island life is hard core.


Mud Rains

...in the afternoon the skies were red.  wind had all day to cause the big dust up.  dirt in mouths and cussing.  day after day it blew.  followed by mud rains and temporary calm...