The Original Fool

.helium and particle dust. .should've made myself clear. .those big spending days are over. .counting fives and tens. .suffering is real. .all around the world. .typhoons and body bags. .the smell of lucifer. .ruling his world with no mercy. .blind to the truth. .the pest angel. .pleasing himself and offering eternal death. .the original fool. .with a top 10 list. .in the dark. .cufflinks and smokes. .zz top in the background. .life is better with music. .the clinks and clanks and bends. .eliminator. .people rise up. .declare the obvious. .broadway broads are the best. .singing show tunes. .high stepping in a parade. .convincing and sharp. .walking everywhere like slammers. .conversing with the bums. .jealous of thier life. .complete love. .patient and kind. .giving and forgiving. .clearing the record clean.