Eyelids Get Heavy

.cheating the rap.letting your lyrics become common and void.develop your voice.formulate the words in your mind.cannot he drug down.will not be overwhelmed.the people with hearts know.we are meant for evolution.but there is no end.creation is history.refinements and polish.everybody wants their pills.everybody wants security of some sort.they will bathe in it.they will cover the earth with it.laser beams and shields don't work.reality with virtual minds.the results are predictable.the outcomes are assured.but move forward regardless of the perils.we avoid caution and seek reckless pleasure.eyelids get heavy after the eye witness news.on the scene.talked to the store owner and the robbers were shot on site.one commonality in all the unhappiness and brokenness and regrets.but it ain't me.naw naw naw.it ain't me babe.that you're looking for.