King Of The Court

     We are all committed. 16 brave tennis warriors will take the court at 8am. July 13th. Eagles Landing Tennis Complex on the grounds of Allen High School. This community united in the pursuit of attaining tennis royalty. Out of this group we will crown a King, we will identify a Prince, we will complete the Royal Court of the Court with the naming of a Duke and an Earl. Arrivals should be punctual and your absence should be communicated quickly. Please bring a can of unopened tennis balls, a healthy supply of water, and perhaps a power bar or two. Look for a registration table. We have courts 1-8 for the historic, and inaugural, event. As you know, we will be utilizing the Isner Scoring Method (ISM). It will all be explained and make perfect sense to everyone quickly. 60 games between 6 different players of different skill levels. A test. We will change the trajectory of this great game in America. Considering the american results in the 2013 Wimbledon, a change in course is desperately needed. The polish are punking us for dang sakes!! Opening session--30 games-- will occur in the early morning. After an hour rest and nourishment, we will begin the closing session. We should be completed by 2. You will be exhausted, you will be shocked. You might be King of the court. Royals, and common folk alike, are invited to recover and recount the battle at the Londoner in waters creek at the conclusion of the tournament. Good luck in your pursuits.