Texas Plates

.those waves getting bigger and bigger.dark clouds on the curve.wondering if the earth is perfectly round.or relatively perfectly round.tattoos are high art.permanent attitude.permanent memory.permanent color.all this talk of black white hispanic arab asian albino eskimo leads to divides.humanity's obsessive need for identity.eventually we will all be melted down to one.unified in the upper room.compromises not made, tolerating and proclaiming.only the truth to convince.a bigger challenge lies ahead.one that will require all.political games put aside.the slick get the back seat.the talkers make way for the walkers.bionic, like the 6 million dollar men.connected, in a glowface tribe.that big cloud is headed right this way.bringing thunder and bolts.this is a high voltage area.we are ready for a flood, but an electrical fire is unexpected.survivalist and the like will roam the land.the bafoons were right.that singer don't understand melody.the combining of articulation and speed.finish off those lines man!.you got too much programmed in.sweet home alabama and u.s.a. songs.on the docks.everybody throwing money around.locals and their thinly veiled disdain.same as colorado when they see those texas plates.watch out for the tourist traps.super glue and postcards.the sand trucks are full.the nets are out.grab a shovel and dig.bury all evidence.looks like the trouble is going east.dodged another one.