The Texican Delta

that dude pulling the race car is driving like a madman.
weaving in and out, tailgating everyone.
sunburnt people in a rush and cussing gas prices.

quite an operation they got going on the island.
southern rockers and barefoot pickers.
everyone from somewhere else and smiling.

it's hard work to relax and have a good time.
expensive too.
we must get digital evidence in black, white, and coral.

queen of buns wore pink with a huge bow on front.
the woman in her is busting out and raging.
learning hard lessons about the nature of humanity.

grainy a.m. stations with protectors and defenders.
wish they had a good jazz station in dallas.
monk and miles and grover and fagen.

compelled to worship and pray, called to proclaim.
religious culture warriors step aside.
culture will always change, now it's your turn.

change your heart, save your soul, turn and testify.
Jesus didn't sue anyone.
spoke for Himself, died for all.

they got sugarcane all up through there.
the soggy middle of the texican delta.
bumpy backroad shortcuts and stalled out trains.