The Texican Delta

that dude pulling the race car is driving like a madman.
weaving in and out, tailgating everyone.
sunburnt people in a rush and cussing gas prices.

quite an operation they got going on the island.
southern rockers and barefoot pickers.
everyone from somewhere else and smiling.

it's hard work to relax and have a good time.
expensive too.
we must get digital evidence in black, white, and coral.

queen of buns wore pink with a huge bow on front.
the woman in her is busting out and raging.
learning hard lessons about the nature of humanity.

grainy a.m. stations with protectors and defenders.
wish they had a good jazz station in dallas.
monk and miles and grover and fagen.

compelled to worship and pray, called to proclaim.
religious culture warriors step aside.
culture will always change, now it's your turn.

change your heart, save your soul, turn and testify.
Jesus didn't sue anyone.
spoke for Himself, died for all.

they got sugarcane all up through there.
the soggy middle of the texican delta.
bumpy backroad shortcuts and stalled out trains.



Texas Plates

.those waves getting bigger and bigger.dark clouds on the curve.wondering if the earth is perfectly round.or relatively perfectly round.tattoos are high art.permanent attitude.permanent memory.permanent color.all this talk of black white hispanic arab asian albino eskimo leads to divides.humanity's obsessive need for identity.eventually we will all be melted down to one.unified in the upper room.compromises not made, tolerating and proclaiming.only the truth to convince.a bigger challenge lies ahead.one that will require all.political games put aside.the slick get the back seat.the talkers make way for the walkers.bionic, like the 6 million dollar men.connected, in a glowface tribe.that big cloud is headed right this way.bringing thunder and bolts.this is a high voltage area.we are ready for a flood, but an electrical fire is unexpected.survivalist and the like will roam the land.the bafoons were right.that singer don't understand melody.the combining of articulation and speed.finish off those lines man!.you got too much programmed in.sweet home alabama and u.s.a. songs.on the docks.everybody throwing money around.locals and their thinly veiled disdain.same as colorado when they see those texas plates.watch out for the tourist traps.super glue and postcards.the sand trucks are full.the nets are out.grab a shovel and dig.bury all evidence.looks like the trouble is going east.dodged another one.


Huxlian World

.more huxlian than orwellian.it is a brave new world
.revisited in the 60s and found to be speeding at a high rate.and we got rates to spare.birth rates
.death rates.interest rates
.heart rates.tax rates
.unemployment rates.likability rates
.hotel rates.parasailing rates
.green fee rates.drink rates
.we are pacified and calm.manipulated and confused
.the hard work's been done.eliminate the mad and unbreakable
.a raging and committed mob.all because of no term limits
.congressional dictatorship.those fools think they got us fooled
.two parties in cahoots.for years and years
.convinced that we are the chosen.which we are, but so is everybody else
.convinced God needs us.He wants us
.yep He does.He don't need jack, jack
.we are all chosen to choose.we have help in deciding
.oh Holy Spirit.live forgiven
.those radical reverend words.counted 365 waves before 7:50am
.distracted by music.photographic paralysis
.lock that moment forever.digital immortality
.erwin park has a hollow wooden sound.protest of the protest
.boarded that boat in the open seas.a speed cruiser with seasick sailors
.and sailorettes.you got what you got around here
.beautiful.beautiful creatures
.good Lord.my oh my
.walking by, walking by.I'm just waiting on a friend
.got my smooth skinned lady.full and complete peace is a lie while oxygen still needs to be breathed
.but there are times.the good times of the senses
.because i like my fish cooked, you see.in butter and garlic
.prepared.don't need proof it's fresh
.good chefs have integrity.obsessive owners
.the only way.she did it
.came down from high in the sky.hit the deck, safe and sound
.this world ain't scary honey.it is brave and new.


Blues In The Air

.those jackson bums don't talk much.cops walking the beat with flashlights and tasers.lott furniture boarded up and vacant.the cohen brothers sold suits back when hats were in.whites only, i'm sure.stones picked barroom queens in country honk.cash got married in a fever.dylan stayed down here much too long.morning mosquitoes and dirty patio tables.those two taxi drivers were up to something.chimney town.evolution never evolved here.car lots and government work now.casinos over in vicksberg.all you blue shirts, pull up your trousers.limping around like a sad state of affairs.hold your head up, quit acting like losers.sins of the past make way for sins of the future.mississippi tent revival.where the hairspray boys get their kicks.billboard pictures and salvation.morning gets a late start.blues in the air.


The Resort Girls

     Consider me a very interested observer.  Skin in the game.  Years and years of beebopping and reverbbing.  Just searching for the creases and crannies.  Nooks've all been found.  Somehow, someway, a turn of the corner is coming.  I can't tell you what and I can't tell you why, but I can tell you when.  Someday.  Someday is when.  Chunking flowers on the ground and snubbing your nose at steak.  Like a bovine insult.

     The A/C got a tune up.  Running like a dream, freezing the summer months.  Circulation improved with regular maintenance.  Heats up on the south side.  Sun beats right through the huge oaks in front, heats the brick up good.  We could get cooked up in here.  Once again, God bless the folks who work in the air conditioning industry.  Public servants of the south, appointments stacked back to back.  On call always.  You can, and should, control your climate.  In one ear and out the other.  That dude don't listen.  Ready golf I said!  Cheering up and sounding off.  We fought when we had to.  Our duty was done.  Kohrea was a mother.  Colder than a deep freeze.  The rightous end wars.  Making peace by whatever means is needed.  Elimination, unconditional surrender, or death.  We'll sort out the details over tonics and gins and wild turkey.

     Those tobacco boys shoulda come clean.  It's cool to die.  Very near the truth.  With dignity and peace.  We know the pain is coming.  Our very own crucifixion, complete with last words and see you laters.  Old men want to decide, they want to instruct the less wise.  But the young are deciding on their own, claiming the future for themselves.  Polite and courteous, grinning slyly, the old of the future.  Every generation gets a clean chance, an opportunity to proclaim.  Do not go silently into that great night.  Rollick around.  Stumble into walls.  Knock on the doors of your neighbors.  Put your face up to the glass.  Hopes and dreams and inspiration.  Spend these hours wisely, watch the sun rise and set daily.  Weather permitting.  Earn your weekly wage, pay your monthly debts, two vacations a year.  Ahhh, those white sands of Destin.  The resort girls.  Morning winds and nightly life.  Count them waves, all of them that come in.  Your life in the grains of sand.



Together To Forever

she walks the fine line, she still my sweetie pie.
days go, they're left by the road.
she needs some tissues for her issues.
dry the tears, nobody needs to know.

ain't it hard to hear, truth hurts my dear.
some different love we knew long ago.
meant what i said to you, not looking for something new.
this life we made, this life we know.

and we made it right, together we took flight, we made to this very night.
when i look at you, my dreams have all come true, your green eyes are full of light.
we'll make it together to forever, we'll make it alright.

every night i sleep with you, never failed to keep me true.
a woman in the way that you move.
your glowing skin, keeps pulling me in.
woman you finding your groove.

wanna yell wanna shout, honey i got no doubt.
you're the one i'll never lose.
don't ever think we're on the brink.
sometimes i just get the blues.    

Attached To The Sun

Started with a fire sky breaking through the dawn.
Clouds like a thin layer of webs, the dark ones far off.
Blue grows brighter by the moment as the black birds take flight.

The sun revealed and sirens in the distance.

Highway noise on the mixmaster.
Above, the sky is breaking into a glorious pose.

The breeze, still blowing cool.

Below, we flitter about, nervous and panting.
We swirl, we swoon.

Wake from your peaceful slumber, it is a trap.

Each day is a cosmic space ride.
We are attached to the sun.


Kerouac's Middle Way

...intolerance will not be tolerated.  you must understand.  the swans fly by night, avoiding detection.  they hover and click, they observe and demand.  only a True Shepherd will lead you to peace.  ownership in it all, for no good reason.  puzzling at times.  ethics are thrown to the scavengers.  feast on what you can.  leave the bones for the dust to bury.  or for spearheads.  blood is pouring out His side.  the ground is stained and the women cry out to the heavens.  now we talk of transformation and reformation.  we boldly proclaim, confident in our truth.  truth only because it was given to us.  this faith.  not seen.  not of our hearts and minds, to be sure.  insights and discussions.  on and on.  great points and unique perspectives.  plenty of creativity.  made in His image.  Divine Creator.  make something today.  supper, peace, love, a song, a picture, a prayer.  make it good.  create it from the wind.  listen close and it will talk to you.  it will remind you that the secret is no secret at all.  do not complicate.  or confuse.  this is salvation talk.  this is salvation songs!  my prayers are constant.  on most days.  humming.  fidgeting.  seeking the hearts of others.  we fight our weakness with the Word, discussions, and modelos.  we are humbled and compelled.  some alternate sound is sought.  between the heathen and success theology.  kerouac's middle way.  she needs tissues for her issues.  those huge eyes.  the smoothest skin of all.  raw and ambitious mind.  walk the halls, kick it with spikes.  this is the start of something.  only need a few moments of your time.  we are capturing the dawn of each song.  by noon, we are not interested.  we are monitoring developments on the ground.  signals from way out are coming through.  dim now, but destined to glow bright....            



Publishers Clearing House

...the dimmed glowing nights have been lifted. The twisters and grapefruit hail had been avoided. Turn our attention to the hypnotized and plead for them to listen. It is calling. It being the unknown source. Knowledge and faith colliding. Big bang?....you bet brother, a big bang to be sure. Loud and spectacular. But only for the attentive and aware. Rightousness can be demonstrated over and over and it will not matter. All for nothing. And everything. Liberating freedom and it starts every moment.....publishers clearing house, keeping hope alive....the answer to our current state of confusion. The drink for our current thirst. The shot for our current illness...gives hope but gives no faith...disappointment assured. The suckers are in a never-ending line, trying to fill the empty void. Cash and cars. Chicks and rock & roll...and a sea of screens lit up the darkness...


No Static Nature

thirty thousand years ago a rain drop hit the earth, somewhere near the canyon line.

dust kicked up as it made impact, quickly dissolving into the ground.

no lasting legacy, not really connected to anything, but the single most important event at that place, at that time.

we will debate the meaning of things, unlock mysteries of the mind, but we'll never completely fulfill our destiny.

never completely.

no static nature.

no static thoughts.

now is about execution.


Aloe Vera Nights

cool chill after a massive sweat.
freezing while driving the twisting road.
st paul got the good bbq.
that place on the corner.
just a shack.
red schoolhouse an historical marker now.
funderburgh place up the dusty road.
field of buried bones.
old lady included.

lutheran church on the corner.
missouri kind.
the sunglass wedding.
what was he thinking.
heard on the right.
dinosaurs in the trees.
lookout from the cliff.
hug the old oak.
from the 1700s.
earth day folk tunes.
gallery openings.

on the list at tucker hill.
the texas garden.
front porch picking.
white sands mind.
alligator golf and beers.
sunburn afternoons.
aloe vera nights.