Whispering Girls

just you and the ants now.
no one hardly talks anymore.

been feeling low on the inside.
like an accepted fate.

whatever that could be.
a race car driver.

hitting the banks hard.
hoping for the rubber to grip.

which one of us is going to break.
who is the engineer.
who is the artist.

the ability to create.
a ninety degree day.

humid sweat pours from your skin.
heat and nerves collide.

dreamed that I dreamed I saw an asteroid pass by.
winked at me as it streaked by.

firey ball with a smokey tail.
the whispering girls got hate in their hearts.
as we all do.

envy and insecurities.
left everyone out at some point.

endure the pain.
understand the disappointment.

love anyway.