Toymaker Man

.the loss of heroes
.when all the worthy died off
.fought in every war he possibly could

.flew planes
.and dropped bombs

.shined his shoes bright
.glowed even at night
.when the children came

.one after your own heart
.one a free spirit child
.never in a million years would we guess he would pass

.he attended all the funerals
.never would he be honored
.unexplainable and unlogical

.busy mind of service
.til the end
.toymaker man

.sweet gal she was too
.looked you in the eyes
.enjoyed your joy

.next door neighbors to blood relatives
.finally I found you
.set up from the start

.in tennis shape
.the highkick queen
.another one on the loose

.complete with a protector
.warrior child
.she will stand up for something very big one day

.for all the right reasons
.taught perseverance
.creates hope

.smarter than all
.phase six or seven
.can't keep track

.the canyons are deep
.carved from rock
.water again the creator.