Reflex Of The Mind

.never want to be a good old days dude.
.mainly, they are just old.
.some were good, in fact.
.many were good.
.but they were.
.some were down right awful.
.but they were too.
.gone, past, history.
.the order always changes.
.evolution of activity.
.spending time.
.we spend and spend and spend.
.through the dull and electric.
.set your conditions.
.move like water.
.settle in the cracks.
.rush over rock.
.search for gravity.
.give life.
.refresh the parched.
.clean the muddy.
.water never goes back.
.where all the heartache is left out.
.when pain was not felt.
.right now is the good day.
.tomorrow just a hopeful transpiring.
.make this day about what inspires you.
.make right now about       taking a sip of coffee.
.we got nothing to worry about.
.it won't do any good.
.you've done what you can do.
.anxiety not made for the uncontrollable.
.it is a reflex of the mind.
.control what you can through decisions.
.and actions, of course.
.integrity is the link between decisions and actions.
.good intentions are just that.