The Glowface Generation

...let it be known.  document accordingly, credit is due and expected.  this declaration serves as my ownership of thought.  the phrase glowface generation has been coined.  it defines a particular age group to be sure, but one that has grown beyond the common bounds of generational discription.  like a virus it spreads, exponential and broad.  connection on a global scale.  the world is at the fingertips.  and the face just glows.  hypnotic trances and busy minds.  the term, used as a noun, verb, or adjective.  what a glowface.  she's glowfacing while driving.  the glowfaced room was quiet and cool.  that's a glowface family.  the phrasiology opportunities stretch far and wide.  through it all the glowfacers are taking over the world.  good for them.  or good for us, i mean.  got a computer in my pocket.  cameras and video everywhere.  a more mellow generation has never been known.  content, but determined.  traditional decisions of limits and privacy will have to be reviewed.  definitions of writing and content mediums will need another look.  the dreaded middlemen will get cut out, desperately dragging as many down with them as possible.  i'll write this about the glowface generation:  they ain't a drag.....copyright/patent/trademarked/2013.