Jelly Farm

'heyell naw i ain't goin over to that jelly farm.  they got girls with rayzors and wire cutters.'

just a quick one, it's the mashing season and everybody's tired. 

'whatchu think i am, a sucka girl?'

it's just, that, um, ah, well, they asked for you specifically.

'everbody always askin for me huh?'

must be the the way you you roll the calf and finish the feet.

'the feets is the wheels of this world, if you got em.  so if you got em, you oughts to take care of em'

sorry lulubelle, we'll plan better next time.

'you ever see them make that jelly?'

no, why?

'it's an awful mess.  turns my stomach.  three big ole pots of steamin blueberry mash.  cooking all the while.  hot in there too.  some of those old ladies been there fordy years.  makin that jelly ever day.  damn!  glad i became a massage therapist instead.  i coulda been stuck in there foever.  you like my boots?'

i like to see them walking.