Types Of Love

almost always, we end with an I love you.
the morning shhhh.
an early polish.
love songs a nickel a dozen.

broken love.
budding love.
new love.
hard love.
grateful love.
tough love.
old love.
mirror love.
woman love.
anxious love.
silent love.
island love.
mean love.
sad love.
coasting love.
winner love.
loser love.
funny funny love.

the rambling notes and prose.
expressing love but never specifically.
a general appreciation and occasional attraction.
nothing like the love of a creator.
unapologetic and constant.
the holy act.
loved for all your years.
loved in all ways.

forgiven too.
for things done and left undone.
until the heart cries.
alone we groan.
love is patient.
and kind.