Rapid Fire Hipsters

.hungry are the wishing upon a star
.thirsty are the rainy rainy days
.hollow are the featured headliners
.glorified are the shining rays of light
.nervous are the rapid fire hipsters
.lovely are the glowing neon moons
.jaded are the rickety old whiners
.joyful are the clowns in the rooms
.plastered are the stumbling weary lads
.floating are the happy go luckys
.pitiful are the half a million strangers
.lonely are the twisting in the wind
.heavy are the hearts that lost their mother
.tortured are the fallen folks of time
.blinking are the lights of motel windows
.charming are the joksters of the hills
.bleeding are the souls of desperation
.ready are the people in the valley
.kneeling are the sinners that repent


John 441

terrible terrible, it's falling from the sky
a whole world is looking up helpless
roars and smoke across the horizon
some poor lost soul was weeping
convinced that time was gone
sad eyes lonely and scarlet
empty like the unforgiven
watery like the regretful
hands folded together
in a seated position
elbows on knees
chin on the top
mind racing
His words


Types Of Love

almost always, we end with an I love you.
the morning shhhh.
an early polish.
love songs a nickel a dozen.

broken love.
budding love.
new love.
hard love.
grateful love.
tough love.
old love.
mirror love.
woman love.
anxious love.
silent love.
island love.
mean love.
sad love.
coasting love.
winner love.
loser love.
funny funny love.

the rambling notes and prose.
expressing love but never specifically.
a general appreciation and occasional attraction.
nothing like the love of a creator.
unapologetic and constant.
the holy act.
loved for all your years.
loved in all ways.

forgiven too.
for things done and left undone.
until the heart cries.
alone we groan.
love is patient.
and kind.


Crystal Sky

...estimating the crystal sky...
...plainly we are adrift...
...just observers to the job...
...took us for all our cash...
...stole my watch too...
...one nation under debt...
...the apocalypse must be near...
...as it always is...
...every day is the end times...
...count them down slowly...


Thinking Will Never End

...hazy and lethargic mind...the combat medicines and sunken eyes...the body heats as its forces are called in...friction produces the energy...head is full of empty thoughts...knowing that thinking will never end...humanity on a space ride refusing to look to the night sky...caught in a circle of years...kept bound by gravity...the gravity...the pull of the sun...another pulling and compelling continues as well...the Son and His way...completely irrational to the modern mind...music continues to satisfy...six notes form a thousand chords...origins unknown and mysterious...constantly awakening my mind...


My Changing Heart

a hundred thousand dollars to do this job.
the ladies took a break with the tranquil mob.
let me tell you 'bout the time i got robbed.
by the devil himself, but he missed my heart.

my heart is full of gasoline.
it'll beat 'til the final scene.
fights even while it bleeds.
my heart, my heart.

at some point you find that it's all been tried.
rocket to the moon.  come back alive.
tried every flavor and seen every sky.
loved thy neighbor and loved the child.

my soul is full of elements.
been yearning for the sacraments.
my soul knows where it's been.
my changing heart.