Going Still

wake up darling, the sun came up
cold wind howling, ice and dust
sounded the warning, made a fuss
wanna be free

your time ain't over, you ain't been killed
ae                ae
going still, you're going still
moving slower, but still gettin' your thrills
going still, you're going still

i don't want to miss the show
i won't dismiss your hopes
to kiss you just once more
it's worth it to me

your time ain't over, you ain't been killed
going still, you're going still
moving slower, but still gettin' your thrills
going still, you're going still


Another Trillion Or Ten

..hardy har har har..
..had a good long laugh..
..this roundtable of talkers..

..hope finally realized..
..keep running the cards..
..the starvers and homeless..

..another trillion or ten..
..good rates and a printer..
..phone bills need to get paid..

..that's a big pie to eat..
..thick and full of ripe fruit..
..still picking fights and stealing..


Roman Numbers

Happiest are those who do the most for others.
Booker T had it right.

Didn't worry bout getting respect.
Although he earned it in the end.

Deserving nothing.
Certainly no made up American dream.

The kind that must be bought.
Or begged for.

Dream about stolen songs and wise women.
This court is in session.

Dropped by the wine bar and sat by the fire.
Winter still chilling the night.

Like those Roman numbers.

The minute hand movements.
Smooth and constant.

Never been older than right now.
A statement that is always true.


German Bones

     What joy a holiday brings. Some sort of honor bestowed. Martin Luther king Jr. Named after his father who was named for Martin Luther. Luther, who stood up, peacefully but boldly, to a church gone wrong. They threw him out of that church. And he persevered. Martin Luther the king Jr was tired of getting thrown out and kicked around. He really organized his community. The original, and best, community organizer. His stage was the alter. His voice was his sermons. 'I have a dream!'. And massive prayer. Martin's old German bones were proud. Proud to call him brother. The hucksters and shakedown artists come later, mocking the sacraments and lying to themselves.

     A Lily was born in the Eldorado valley. This was before the towers fell. She'll confront a foe one day. She'll demand change. A wild pack of glowface dames will follow her and become heard. Once heard, the music will continue forever, melodies and stories. Just remember, my darling', can't nobody control your dreams.


Pretend Glam Rockers

..shucked and jived through the escalator maze.. ..the fooled and the envious all around.. ..all this styling and profiling not for me.. ..pretend glam rockers and hussies..


Tranquil Mobs

.please please please wipe that smile off your face.
.don't you know people out there are suffering.
.all sick and depressed.
.ashamed and disgusted.
.worn by the years.
.jaded by the scenes.
.broken down and busted up.
.pride and stupidity collide.
.get some shelter from the storm.
.run through puddles and slide on the court.
.like novak.
.had my fill and wrote my words.
.sang my songs and smoked my smoke.
.not for now.
.these glowface and tranquil mobs.
.just let it out.accept the truth.
.mick told you about it.no no no.
.driving in my car when that man came on the radio.
.I can't get no.
.no no no.


Tulum Waters

.clear as the tulum waters.
     .wave after wave after wave.

.coming over from the island.
     .been paddling since dawn.

.ready for the big bonfire tonight.
     .heard the server girls were coming.

.after the late seating at la cruz playa.
     .they got those margaritas that glow.

.late night beach walk in barefeet.
     .as always the ocean winds blow wild.

.as ever the duos kissing and wandering.
     .smelling of sweat and mexican lust.

Book Upon Book

all writing is done in the mind
the question of recording it

either by writing or typing or thumbing
having a place to write

or several
and opportunities and time

a true writer doesn't need daily inspiraiton
it is excruciating work

it will crush you--mind, body, and soul
at least a whiff of inspiration is needed

at the beginning
but this could be a brief glimpse

or a faint sound or a memorable taste
set out to explain to no one

an unattainable and maddening occupation of your time
book upon book, poem upon poem, song upon song


Money Grabbers

name of a new year.
the money grabbers keep grabbing.
take it all you pathetic grub.

wrap yourself in my money and save yourself.
create a legacy of robin hood justification.
little John is the thug.

pull your tights up to your navel.
put a feather in your cap.
you're on the payroll.

pay up.
we need to move the spring fashions.
budgets adjusted.

not enough votes for that.
each generation has its challenges.
you get the bill and the tip.

for protection and service.
for fines and fees.
pulling the strings.