Nervous Tick Tockers

d                    c
Pleasers and teasers.
g                    d
Suicidal sneezers.
g                         d
Rockers and mockers..
g                        c
Nervous tick tockers.
c                       d
Lovers and mothers.
c                         g
Sisters and brothers.
d                       c
Rappers and clappers.
g                          d
Mid afternoon nappers.
g                        d
Climbers and timers.
g                         c
Low rent five and dimers.
c                         d
Drinkers and thinkers.
c                        g
Flamboyant sinkers.
d                       c
Grinders and finders.
g                      d
Midnight minders.



Reptiles Rule The Yard

.we take the criminals out to west texico.
.out between sweetwater and guthrie.

.there we hang 'em in the sun.
.make sure the wild hogs have their fun.

.target practice for the bow hunters.
.all the prisoners in tents within the razor wire.

.left there to work, then die.
.society better off without the killers of innocents.

.mercy shown to the citizens of our great nation.
.termination of the guilty without any rehab attempts.

.the judges send them away as applause fills the courtroom.
.and they don't get any camera time.

.assigned a number and all their teeth are pulled.
.no television no visitors.

.hosed down once a month.
.reptiles rule the yard.


Tulsa Uprising

.the neon lights are brightest at dusk.
.the texican women take their time.
.hot jets and twisters with water smooth as glass.
.okies keep coming in over the red river.
.better let the archers know to tighten their bows.
.up near powderly they seem to have snuck in.
.back in the early thirties the americans cut them loose.
.something about bankruptcy and the tulsa uprising.
.the mayan people know the art of the brush off.
.and francisco del corona put his foot down.


Tomato Bread

Those blood suckers.
Lining up for the quarterly squirm.
Protect that China doll.
With dots that connect.

Holy moly it's a hot day.
Huge billowing black clouds.
Brought relief in the early evening.
Iced wines and tomato breads.

Capered side of a calf.
Popped another top last night.
A matter of understanding.
Reconciliation and embraces.

Another of the 35 thousand.
Begins with a goodbye.
Anticipation of days.
And daily prayers.

Just give us this day.


Made By Humans

decisions have consequences

circumstances unpromised

assured of nothing
made by humans
and don't forget fate
the selfish do rule this world

the devil's den

in my very early eternal life.



My eyes been burnt.

A layer of chardust remains.

The dim view.

Damn johnson grass made a cut.
Left leg left bleeding from the injury.
It stings and you know life.
It heals and you know death.


Howling And Hissing

Nothing never really happens.

Something is always going on.

There are times of boredom beyond measure.
Connections of wires and waves won't save us.

Somehow our nods and reactions have meaning.
Only truth and courage to guide us through.

The wallowers have their ways out.
Diversions and distractions blocking the paths.

Monsters on the outside looking through broken walls.
Howling and hissing all afternoon.

One day the creek will rise and the flood will continue.
Water, always the decider.

Plain spoken and perfectly honest.

Saw through the charms and compliments.
Calculating and self-serving she was.
Full of worldly knowledge.

Empty of soul.


Ashes In My Eyes (Lyrical Space Rides)

never heard nothing like the velvet underground
distortion and echo sounds
rambling lyrical space rides
back to the audience and numb.

the wind keeps blowing ashes in my eyes

i wonder, i wonder, of the the day that i will die

hope to have singing, hope to have cheers

talk about the fine times and break a smile, my dear

The ones who embark on slippery paths.
Carefully walking the roads with serious intent.

Ignorant to the unknown and lurking tempters.
With glowing faces and occupied minds.

Unprepared for the collisions and destruction.
Leaving stray animals and orphans all around

Left to the earthworms and red oak roots.
The winds carry the melodies and poems.