Sugar Boost

keep making the grade
work it out and refine always
perhaps a sugar boost.

play the game to win
choose to make the wise choices
decide to dominate.

continually steer the ship
navigate the rough oceans and seas
be the calm water.

remove the vanity plates
the trophies and ribbons and cash
spill out your guts.


Texico (Draft): Oklahoma Food Drop

     The leaders of the succession from America movement, which eventually resulted in the establishment of the Texas nation, which eventually led to the establishment of the Texico nation, were all still involved in Texico society throughout their lifetimes.  Well into his eighties, J. T. Barnes streamed live on the wedia wire.  Although elecrtrical wires by that time were obsolete and the Texican landscapes are all wireless now.  He died in a car wreck near Spur, Texico trying to avoid hitting a jackrabbit.  Details of the incident remain undisclosed by the Barnes family.  Fran Del Corona grew tomotoes and counted his money until he fell on his head trying to walk across an icy sidewalk in Ft. Worth.  He was a hundred and twenty three years old. To this day, most world record opinionators consider him the longest living human ever.  Although how can we really know, especially considering the Old Testament.  Mr. and Mrs. Fitzgerald continued, often in vain, to change the world.  When they were both ninety-eight years old, L. Dean paid a farmer a thousand dollars to take them up in an old crop duster so they could drop some food to starving americans in Ada, Oklahoma.  Annabelle, by that time, had overcome her fear of flying and was fearless in the air.  Unfortunately, for all involved, including the hungry folks in Ada who never got the food, the farmer proved to be an inadequate pilot and the plane went down on Granite Mountain, near Davis, Oklahoma.  No one survived and the seventy-six year marriage of the Fitzgeralds finally ended on earth.  The music stopped, but the melodies remain for all Texicans.  The red hours followed by stars in the neon night.


Pair Of Hawks

roof of my mouth was bone daddy dry
saw a pair of hawks and had to have some.
other night she broke down and cried
drank brew in the morning, at night it was rum.
plantations and swamps with reptiles
went fast through the air of the heavy night.
destruction and worry on every mile
wished it wasn't me on whom she relied.

you trapper, you hound, you cat
the young are in heat and prowling around.
could never dream of a moment like that
misting skies, clean whiffs, and silent sounds.

a word whispered in an awakening ear
a turn around the tables, chairs, and beds.
exhausted and beat by the volunteers
extended glance i can't get out of my head.
that smirking bastard sits in waiting
urges and temptations were the nails in His hands.
hummed a song from a poem i was creating
we've all been saved and we've all been damned.


Further West

further west...

one armed dove shot
dairyland cafe
first marching band in texas
around the mid twenties

drivers one after another
on the way to california
drove and drove
stopped in for a stretch

a good night's sleep
eyed by the lawman's eye
he's stoic and suspicious
he believes the devil's lies

further west...

there's more trust out there
and uncaring smiles
everywhere you look there's peace
overcome by a norther

shut in for days and days
fires and stories of justice
on ridges and bluffs
went to the non smoking side

always avoiding the looks
she warmed up to us
after a while
after a little while

further west...




Stiff Lips

out here we laugh out loud for the home folks
some of them twisting in the wind

tight jeans and raindrops on a metal roof
thought the place took plastic

but she would only take cash
forked over the bills and a few coins

almost worthless 'cept for slots
wished I'd brought my shades

wanna hide my eyes from the truth
expressions muted and upper lips stiff

lunatics surround the fire pit
and a harmonica blows

Bleary Eyed Haiku

bleary eyed and done
old ones on the tabletop
plenty of water

Cracked Smiles

hundreds of dollars were lost
given to the house
odds were never in our favor
yet we still ached for the chance
an ounce of suddeness
a hope for love

slow greetings and cracked smiles
lonely boy hours
players of all kinds
watching from the rafters
as the women fought it out
in the early morning


Ninety-Six Magnavox

scooted that monster from the garage
too heavy and awkward to pick up
'specially for my 2nd half back

make sure the bones are protected
what a glory it was
big and bright

biggest tube ever owned in my family
up 'til that time anyway
the glove that didn't fit

green day
the steroid rangers
the heroic cowboys

and their 3 inch headlines
stared and stared for so many hours
hypnotized and surrounded by sound

in stereo
teletubbies and dora
the blue house bear

nine eleven catatonic and weary
no planes in the sky
spirit of braveheart

electronics crashing
asteroids and space invaders
tennis matches and an unbeaten streak

lost flippers and late night shows
weather worries and tragedy channels
where are they now

behind the music
thank God steely dan won the grammy
everything is outsync

stanley cup full of gravy
go stars
men eating grubs

desperate women
dog shows and gator trappers
oil just spilling in the ocean

cramer cried about the bond market
bet he got a bailout
recounts and chads

i did not have relations with that woman
protests and bombs and murders
c-span boring us to death

rather, washington boring us to death
the last waltz
when it had all been done

green was purple
and popping noises
sitting with a pile of junk now

ready for burial
that ninety-six magnavox thirty-three inch was a good television
real heavy though.


Boogieman Shake

always and forever we will try in vain to warn our brothers and sisters. the boogieman is coming to get you. lock the doors and shut the windows. grab a flashlight and ice some beer. get those blankets and pull that crate of water to the side of the house. clear a large area in the middle of the room. boogieman 'bout to boogie. rat-a-tat-tat creates the hush, the man appears in a cloud of dust. white suit with a golden belt, pearly shoes and a hat of felt. all the dancers stopped and stared, the boogieman with his thinning hair. took a step and then flashed a smile, had the look had the style. do the boogieman shake, yeah yeah, do the boogieman shake, uh huh, do the boogieman shake, all right.


Angel Army

d7         g
angel army
angel army
angel army
angel army
you will protect me
and you'll never harm me
                   g                    d7        g
my angel army, my angel army

am                            d7                             am   
only time goes slow, you know you know, grow old grow old,
d7                                             g                   d7
get on the road or you'll never find me.

yell it from the mountains
over the treetops
catch the western winds
keep going east
record it in hi fi
send it over the live wire
soundwaves just bringing the truth

lift up your hands, ask him to hear your prayer, tell him bout where you been,
give it all to him and put it behind you.

angel army
angel army
angel army
angel army
you will protect me
and you'll never harm me
my angel army

only time goes slow, you know you know, grow old grow old,
get on the road or you'll never find me.

Really Fine 170 Years

....of course everyone would have to agree. motivations would need to be compelling for both entities.  whoever thought we'd be at this place.  one day away from the glory of a new hope for the world.  a place of purity and thoughtfulness.  a place where wolves sleep during the day and get fed at night.  the passing people just kept on walking.  right though the screen doors and paper walls.  the sturdy folks stood there unmoved and resolved.  no one would tell them how to act.  rights were rights.  the bluecoat men thought the texans would fall in line.  the gasps when the letter was delivered.  'mr. president, it's been a really fine 170 years, but today the people of texas declare our independence.  God bless America.'....