Sucker Punched

b'cause a time bomb went off
over near the main street bank
that vault's the fullest in the land
money just falling from the sky
people in heat grabbing at the cash
stuffing their pockets then grabbing more
looked up and saw the fuzz coming
in a pack like a scene from mad max
blue shirts and hardhats and billy clubs
broke out some kung fu and held my own
'til they sucker punched me from behind
should've seen the that joker coming
breathing got out of whack for a moment
only took a flash of vulnerability
seven of them jumped on me and wailed
just kicked and swung fists wildly
knuckles were bloody and swollen
hand bones and finger bones shattered
took one guy out with a head butt
another with an elbow to the nose
finally they took me in to the pokey
midnight cops on a shift change
booked me for resisting and profanity
and that's why i'm here.


Southern Canyon

faster, faster, faster
keep that engine running
cut it off now
and you'll be stuck
am                       g
in the southern canyon.

master, master, master
never did think
not in a million years
that we'd be apart
for the final showdown.

laster, laster, laster
time consummed
and time awaits
accompanied always
by her captured soul.

plaster, plaster, plaster
sculpters and painters
unrecognized abstracts
and self portraits
of the mad and lost.



noise interpretations..

pow pow! slingk...ding;
ta tat ta tat;
plough plop plough plop;
eerrrr!! 9er 9er eerrrr!!;
this is only a test;
bang! bang! bip! bang!;
flackin' flukin' floridian!;


Public Music

that sidewalk was a slippery mother
girl in a plaid dress just sliding by
the thoughts going through her mind
could explain alot.

clods and bulldozers clogging the road
nothing's gonna get through tonight
not with the wind kicking up like it is
think i'll slide to the inside lane.

gas tank on about a quarter to a half
should be fine if i can run the heater
got public music and a bucket seat
souless road and ice.



Everyday Brit Accents

those damn brits with their taxes and insults.
"yes, we can't even get the good tea."
(they talked in their everyday brit accents. these were the days before the american revolution)
that soldier over there took a likein' to lady mirabella.
"bloody rascal! wish i could get him alone without that gun and bayonet. i'd pull out his damn rib and show it to him as i cracked his knees"
who's he protecting us from anyway? who are the redcoats protecting us from? hmmm, brother, i don't know.
"heard yesterday one of the bastards killed my native buddy. seen him last during wintertime, but didn't figure it would be the last time we danced around the fire and painted our faces."
what happened?
"don't really know. there's some confusion over the paperwork."
always the paperwork.
"well anyway, you coming to that meeting tonight?"
well uh hmm, the minutemen gonna have to meet without me. i ain't big on meetings, but let me know what happens. i'm in. i can't stand those dudes.



the most tremendous eating tools ever created
fingers and thumbs
a peace sign and an okydoke
fingers and thumbs
tapping out the words and phrases and spaces
fingers and thumbs
trembling while finding all the hiding places
fingers and thumbs


Thanks To Teddy Roosevelt

poll numbers up
and the makeup applied
remember the three points

remember to smile
drink some water
a few times

show a sense of humor
thank the crowd
tell the truth

an actual new idea
it's the gold
everyone's afraid of the gold

all fixed in the vaults
live and let live
to the foreigners

come and visit sometime
visit them american parks
thanks to teddy roosevelt

again, thank the crowd


Crude Summer

     whoever wrote that hearts can break while a person is alive would likely be classified as an unfortunate soul and bad estimator of the permanent need in every person to have a working heart full of aortas and ventricles and blue and red veins like we saw in the textbooks we put book covers on probably to hide the publishing company's name which could cause a stir in any household paying attention to the knowledge being thrust into the minds of the sweet children who will one day determine the conditions of your last days undoubtedly assuring you all the while that best interests we're being considered due to the love in their hearts and all the time you wanting only the love in their souls which is divine and everlasting as the heart is mortal and doomed to a satin-lined casket or the heart could serve two souls as a transplant if some especially fortnuate person perhaps in a car wreck down on the freeway involving only one car that hit a concrete wall in the construction zone because the man driving was changing out his music and he lost control near the overpass that soars high into the air as part of a mixmaster project where more workers are watching work than working and the portable johns are always tipped over which brings up the topic of sanitation and the wonderment of where all our trash goes when we send it out to the dumpster and the trash truck comes to pick it up and take it just outside of town to a big dug up hole and covers it up with earth's own dirt which could be either the most obvious and rightous place for it or a travesty to God's great creation but surely the tainting of the oceans by human trash is inexcusable and should be met with the strongest opposition as the crude summer of 10 in the gulf is remembered not only by the cajuns but by all of their texican brothers and sisters.


Gin Rummy And Cancellations

albequerque is the brownest town in america
so said this dude i talked to once
he worked there for six months
before another transfer

i can only remember the airport
gin rummy and cancellations
took a six seater to durango at one a.m.
songs of glory and quick drops in altitude

i can't really say if albequerque is the brownest town in america
santa fe ain't brown, and i spent plenty of time there
wandered the new mexican rockies as a younger man
never been to the caverns and never seen the aliens

i like brown.


Red Hour

c                          g
steering the plow, dirt and worms
f                             c
sun blistering, brow of sweat
g                            f
swarms of flies, swatted by the tail
c                            g
day took it's blood, the night's a' coming

f                     g                   c
rocks and stones and boulders
if she would just let me hold her
we could keep growing older
 g                f            c
ohhhh, at the red hour

one blade runner, leather straps
wallowing legs, aching back
at the red hour, the evening light
clouds illuminate, the night's a' coming


Comedy Of Manipulation

tempeted just to walk out the door and keep walking 'til i get to the highlands. along the way greeting the lonley and desperate with a traveler's perspective. i've seen the great lights of the city, i've smelt the trash and balanced on street curbs. everybody thinks they're connected in their isolated minds. only a few intellectuals around, understanding the obscene comedy of manipulation. yes, it makes you wanna walk. walk to the corner store in a small town. it's insignificance to the connected pleasant and unguarding. the intense worlds that walk through the store, gathering lighters, and pens, and floss, and macaroni, and a paint chipper. eggs and tire chains out of stock. thought the cashier was gonna quit, but she walked out front and took a smoke. came back in a state of euphoria, laughing at the jokes of toothless men and giving eyes to the young and raging. walked to the next town and same damn thing. there is no such thing as boring. you may be bored due to lack of initiative or an idle brain. creation is our purpose. we were created to create. then we die. thought about this and boarded the bus back home. found a melody to hum and looked at the path walked in reverse and at a much faster pace. all the truth lost in speed. keep the microscopic caverns of your mind alive. creation, to be continued...