Of Blues And Joy

....busted out of a lion's den. tested the world until it tamed me. tasted chocolates and wine. felt the softest skin. saw the most incredible sights. heard canyon birds make music as the evening smells rose from the canyon floor. the balancing of indulgement and restraint, blind faith and intellect, rest and work, poverty and prosperity, and of blues and joy....


Punk Rockers And Deadlifters

.went crazy last night.
.remembering 20 years of toil.
.silk and plaid ties and shades.
.the fast and loose aren't around anymore.
.came and went and came and went.
.figured them as part of the lost tribe.
.down from upstate New York .
.voices I've heard for ages.
.huge voices with cackles and spit.
.punk rockers and deadlifters.
.slick cats toeing the line of integrity.
.old men working and working.


Multiple Meanings And Blunt

speaking out of turn
with a lisp and a sneer
complaining about fairness
and rights.
thinking of a word
need a powerful word
multiple meanings and blunt
that's the one.
clinging to a life raft
waves engulfing and salty
floating while gazing
the night sky.


Gold In Your Pocket

bulldogs chewing on shoestrings.
her tatoo spread out like spider wings.

just then heard a phone ring.
and a lady bird started to sing.

sang....honey, why don't you love me.
why don't you worry about my worries and blues.
she just wants a man who can give her a hand.
when life comes and takes away our youth.

honestly, he was just a lazy player.
heard his daddy complained to the mayor.

it was the town with that stupid ole jailer.
when my woman didn't take no for an answer.

sang....honey, why don't you love me.
why don't you worry about my worries and blues.
she just wants a man who can give her a hand.
when life comes and takes away our youth.

go over there you better have gold in your pocket.
wise woman said they high but the food is worth it.

poured me a single malt drink and just nursed it.
found my harp rack, thought i forgot it.

sang....honey, why don't you love me.
why don't you worry about my worries and blues.
she just wants a man who can give her a hand.
when life comes and takes away our youth.


Teddy Was My Favorite

...mitt romney seems to want to be president so bad, it is weird. he might get it just so americans can have a break from his campaigning. in the end, the guy is just weird, and his judgement is suspect. i believe. the presidency of the united states has a track record of right man at the right time. surely lincoln would fit this category, as would washington (the ultimately humble man who resisted being king), jefferson (who better to navigate our early foriegn policy and lend credibility to americans because of his personal accomplishments and impressiveness), jackson (the people take the house back, literally), the forgotten maze of late 1880's presidents that let industry thrive. talk about turning a blind eye and corruption. teddy was my personal favorite, truly a man of the people. and national parks. a true leader who fought in hand to hand combat. finally tamed this new industry called industry. a civilized start anyway. but all were flawed in very incredible ways. anyone prior to lincoln let slavery slide. reminds me a bit of our current attitude toward abortion. shameful and a future historical blackmark on this country. like slavery. anyway, FDR nurtured us back from economic collapse and finally confronted hitler. but, his response was slow. our modern presidents certainly fit this trend of fortunate timing.  truman (the guts to end the war II, including firing mcaurther and not continuing the war into china.), ike (perfect guy to lead the baby boom and suburban explosion and....he wasn't scared of no reds!), kennedy (the restlessness had a hero, and a celebrity). LBJ (as a former teacher, he saw poverty in rural texas and only he could have sold the great society to congress), nixon (he knew asia and he ended the dumb war), ford (who better to bring back some levity after nixon's pathetic end), carter (continuing the need for trust, he was too honest and sincere to be an effective president. good man, that carter. if there is such a thing. rather, and as he would likely describe himself, a sinner who occasionally overcomes himself and does good things.), reagan (the russians felt he was a little off his rocker, which he was, and that made american even more formidable. the crazy man has the codes! his economic policies created huge wealth, despite it's flaws. look at the dow from reagan to now. the graph is impressive and moves in the right direction as time has passed. the peaks and valleys is where all the heartbreak lies. where greed and fright create vast opportunities for the emotionally stable. allocate/diversify/rebalance. most people chronically do not understand rebalancing. not perfect, but not discredited socialism or disgracful communism. many think that socialism is the humane governmental design, but it leads to apathy, contentment, and ridiculous discussions about fairness.), bush/sr (iraq would have owned kuwait and fought the saudis. the iron wall falls down.), clinton (who better to compromise, but the islamic militant misses were a disaster and his horndogness was a white house disgrace. preying on 21 year old interns. what a jack. mr lewinsky is a putz.), W (wanted dead or alive, just what the public wanted to hear), and barak (diversity america has a hero. smooth and principled. the right's hatred of him is their main weakness. he's a liberal, he does what liberals do. he seems tired of being president and i don't blame him. he probably wishes romney wasn't so weird.  he has 4 more years of presidential aging ahead of him.). in summary, reagan was reagan, jimmy is jimmy, bill is bill, w is w, and barak is barak. God bless Texico.