If Editing

**consider the melody of each line**
**let an idea marinade**

**if editing, edit for spelling only**
**amuse yourself with punctuation**

**respond to a word**
**to remember is to forget**

**advance, advance**
**write as you would talk**

**be disciplined with time**
**avoid classes**

**books are decoration**
**click to publish**

**seek to create more**
**read all reviews**

**make yourself laugh**
**write your truth**

**sneer at instigation**
**tangents are your mind's pathways**


Sir Walter Scott

the place was closed 'til eight, when the blue cats would arrive.
c                                                                                g
the house of blues was up the road, this place was a dive.

started with a bb tune with a shaking boom boom beat.
place was full of lover girls and smokers took the streets.

d7                                c         g
can't nobody play like walter scott
laid his guitar on his knee, his picking was so hot
they all sang out to sir walter scott
when he finally took the lead, thought he might never stop
just never stopped.

kept pushing folks to the front, the dancefloor was never used
no telling how many tunes sir walter scott knew

his lady started singing about a man that done her wrong
he sat there and played guitar the whole entire song.

red was on the keys and the big man kept the time
bass player showed up late, kept blowing my mind

near michigan avenue on a lonely side street road
sir walter scott plays the blues in the town of chicago.      




Glowing To Know

thought the rain wouldn't stop last night
the day, a common blur of decisions and worry.
everything seems lost, everything seems blurry.
la la la la la la la la la la la

i wanna drown in the holy water
i wanna love my wife and protect my daughters
i wanna get down to the truth
Lord i wanna, i wann, i wanna

all the time i tell myself the blame is justice
don't care if the easily offended get miffed.
don't care what you drank, or smoked, or sniffed.
la la la la la la la la la la la

heard ole levi got lost while walking in the woods
thoreau it was, wrote a chapter on the benefits of walking.
once you get Him started he'll be talking and talking.
la la la la la la la la la la la

knowledge is captured revelation to revelation
the minds coming alive and glowing to know.
i'm glowing, i'm glowing, i'm glowing to know.
la la la la la la la la la la la


Livin' On The Lines

livin' on the lines
in the middle of a third set grind
time after time after time after time
g c
you come through
you take the shot yes you make the shot
c g
oh yes. oh yes you do


Paint Needs Mixing

things we understand alone
way down in our bones
things we understand alone
deep breath when it's done

pick up a five pack and shake out the paper stack
make room for a cart and check if the engine starts
put a finish on the old desk and see that oily mess
the fixtures need fixing and the paint needs mixing

things we understand alone
way down in our bones
things we understand alone
deep breath when it's done

the story has to hold with a patience not yet shown
just words on a screen going from scene to scene
some say it's pretend but let me tell you man
my truth comes from my soul i know what i know

things we understand alone
way down in our bones
things we understand alone
deep breath when it's done

solitary moment of time shines like they all shine
seems like ones that last are free from the past
living a new morning ignoring the night's storming
held together cause we said so she got a natural glow      


Things We Understand Alone

     things we understand aloud and things we understand alone provide the needed perspective to joyfully live this life. from beginning to end, understanding brimming with each passing moment. until it overflows. we sympathize with others, our empathy knows no limit. the poor, and sad, and desperate. the blamers, and angry, and greedy. the selfish. we never completely lose it either. we never become completely selfless. we don't hang on a cross, hated by all. we don't choose that. but we overcome in the most microscopic ways. humanity can, does, and will do great things for the benefit of others. but, to create. to make. to discover. that is divine work. made in His image. the creator's image. things we understand alone. i've lived thousands of hours of peace. i can't explain it, but i understand it.


End Times

...the mountains laugh at the endless stream of humans who think they are living in the end times. our predeath life is plagued by anxiety and fear. The afterdeath of our eternal life is where all the shakin' really happens...