Digger Without A Plow

.partly, it was a magnificent night.
.the bells, the conditions, the spells.
.but there was tradgedy on the inside.
.predicted futures of woe and decline.
.perhaps love will save all of us. One another.
.a mishap to bring us closer.
.the mind of a hero in a place of need.
.searching for saved souls to encourage and convince
.heart gets twisted and wrecked.
.needing love to survive and enduring anguish.
.eventually, it will squeeze off the blood to the bloody ole mind.
.mind over body, lost in the end.
.boredom, envy, apathy, and days of leisure.
.traps of spider webs and quicksand.
.birds of all colors will be left, still singing.
.the life of a digger without a plow.