Poker Nights And Planet Jams

pack 'em up thirty feet high.
the friends, acquiantences really.
provided a diversion, an escape.
an acceptance and ear.
ageed they did, with everything.
dug your music.
called you by your last name.
a youthful indulgence, friendship.
a silly game.

the old souls grow old alone.
realizing they have only light to give.
to others, all the others.
peaceful and friendly, not a drag.
the friendships came with a price.
occupying finite time with disappointments and expectations.
grudges and done-me-wrongs.
real friends always forgive.

the coolers and the koozies.
bright shirts and jeans in ninety.
live music all weekend, the brownhawk band.
late night closings with real servants.
smokers, almost all.
poker nights and planet jams.
wandered green lawns for hours.
all the while hoping to make it.
just to look back.

it goes on ond on and on.
people i used to know.
seemed important at the time.
a worthy pursuit of worldly bonds.
and it continues, these friendships.
that always end.
wishin' to understand stillness.
havin' to keep going fast.
hopin' all my old friends are doing fine.