Johnny Goodnight

an oval moon appeared tonight
displaying its glow on the horizon
partly obscured by late dusty clouds

twisters missed this place last week
dressed up in rain gear and dry
sunroof got jammed in the middle of a gusher

wet dashboard and screaming sounds
just wait for the heat wave and drought girls
be wishing for any kinda rain then

an old man looked back at me today
first time ever he looked at me that way
turned from the mirror and opened my mind

took the blinders off and quit chasing acceptance
the gift of age
and it is true that age can give words candidness

holding on to the langauge of our youth
protecting them in the name of the good ole days
but they are only old days and don't matter anymore

this day is truth
tomorrow is speculation and unassured
He was forsaken, yes He was. by His Father.

and ours. His mother was there. and the one.
they called him johnny goodnight
now he was a good man.