Jesus, The Divider

compromise is the seed of debauchery
turning the eye, missing the last sentence
can't feel my way around.

the raging crowds were for, then against
certainly they would not join the death
didn't make a lick o' sense.

nail up the criminals for an afternoon roast
blood thirsty and rightous citizens
weary from the whirlwind week.

the twelve scattered logically and tragically
self interests and instincts prevailing
alone He bore the weight.

doubt He ever thought of tv preachers
salvation won by guilt is fiction
sold by the greedy.

thus began years and years of conviction
eternal life misunderstood by most
this ain't life and death.

wars waged by the dumb, ignorant, and cowardly
for nothing more than 'national interests'
warriors pay their price.

invoke decency and morality and responsibility
bow your heads for the cameras
in God we trust.

the devil orchestrates the wars of this world
blessed are the peacemakers
Jesus, the divider.