Bouts Of Inarticulation

'huh?' shrugged the maiden of the house
prone to bouts of inarticulation
and not a beginning of understanding
only her instincts to guide her through
'whaaat?' she asked gloriously after my silence
'your beauty makes you oblivious to the obvious.'
an initial blush reacting to the beauty compliment
then a confused look and noticable thinking
'obviously you are mistaken about my obliviousness.'
'you're aware?' i asked and continued louder
'you know of the suffering and distraction you cause?'
louder still 'of the disappointment and raging heart?'
she stood there as the city shined behind her
my captured soul in her unmerciful possession
'we should take a walk.' she finally said
considered several responses
'why don't we.  nice out.'