When Words Go Bare

went up to pay my fine
that lost book finally caught up with me
pulled out fifty six bucks in crumpled cash
'it's sixty four ninety five, honey'
the librarian was not smiling
any way i can pay on it and still get more books?
'the whole thing has to be paid off before you can get more books
we'll take a check'
who's got a check?
'i know. sorry'
it's not your fault
came back after a three dollar atm fee
wandered the library for an hour
melville, twain, roth, explorers, mcmurtry, dylanologist, scottish poems
making eyes and breathing low
a God bless
movies bore me
thumbing through the dying animal
the young and boisterous
and lovely skins
readers are the caged
beginnning and completing over and over
never venturing
until one day
when words go bare.